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Ethical Issues In Business Essay

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Ethical Issues In Business

In defining the meaning of business ethics both words need to be examined. Understanding ethics can be regarded as the morals and values a person was taught or experienced in growing up. Ethics can be thought of as a code of conduct that is used in relationships and interactions with others. It is abiding by laws and principles that has set a standard by our society. It seems to be a personal decision that is very much depended on an individual’s thoughts for what they feel is right or just. Even with knowing what the right thing to do is, it may not be the best thing for the situation or a person may not feel that it is the best. It may very well be the ...view middle of the document...

Each department must be accountable to the code of ethics set and must also enforce this message thorough out the company. Business owners and managers lead must by example and therefore the ethics code is a direct reflection of the business relationships as a whole. When a business is considerate of the relations with employees, customers, vendors, and competitors and conducts business in a fair and honest manner this adds value and success to the business. Also when the code of ethic is not followed by employees and there are penalties set in place to correct unethical behavior the business has a greater chance to have a successful and healthy work force.

The business environment I work with is being challenged by the down turn of the economy. Never the less, I don’t see this as having an adverse negative effect on the business relationships. On the contrary, what I’m witnessing is businesses reaching out to help each other by combining their resources on group advertising, sidewalk sales, bartering their services and products with each other to minimize overhead, maintaining a positive attitude and encouraging one another with a kind word. It is very encouraging to know that in spite of our current economic challenges, our community leaders, businesses, local agencies continue to operate with truthfulness, fairness, and honesty. This in effect has...

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