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Ethical Issues In Management Essay

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Ethical Issues in Management
By: Jerry C Wise
Instructor: John Goller
Class: XMGT/216
Date: February 2, 2013

Managers in today’s work place have a lot of dilemmas to deal with when they have to evaluate employees. The main problem is to remain unbiased when looking at an employee’s record, and performance. “Ethical handling of employee evaluations has a critical nature within an organization. Most organizations take employee evaluation into account for such decisions as ...view middle of the document...

The manager does not look at the employee objectively, and only sees what others are saying about the employee, and what the employee has said about the job in the past. If the manager looks at the big picture, and sees the employee on what they have done for the company instead of what they have said about the company then the employee can become a valuable. Most problems with employees can be worked out by just talking with them. Many times though evaluations are used as a tool not only to get rid of employees, but also to make them decide whether to stay with the company or to quit the company.” If an employee consistently receives positive performance appraisals, then managerial bias can cause her supervisor to look the other way during times of poor performance. On the other hand, an employee with the reputation of receiving poor appraisal marks might never be given the chance to improve in the eyes of his supervisor. This kind of bias tends to make top performing employees complacent and can begin to have a negative effect on their productivity. In some cases, employees are not given the chance to improve may leave the company.”
The next problem with employee evaluations is that many times it does done through a buddy system. Many times when a manager does an evaluation they see friends, and not employees. They tend to keep those employees that they are closest to, and do not generally keep those they feel comfortable with, and not those who are the most qualified for the job. “Professional objective analysis should always be part of every employee performance evaluation. But, on occasion, the manager may bring personal feelings into an evaluation in an attempt to besmirch the employee's performance record, and prevent the employee from advancing in the company. The moral issue of allowing personal feelings to corrupt performance appraisals can lead to conflict between manager and employee, and possibly legal action with a basis in discrimination.” These conflicts can be expressed in social and economic issues also.
These issues can be expressed by how the manager feels about a person or a group from certain area. Many managers can be considered to be members of the upper middle class, or members of what is known as one per centers. These people generally make 1 million dollars a year or more. While there employees tend to be of the lower middle class. This would mean that these employees tend to make around $100,000 or less. These employees belong to what is known as the 99%. The social issue faced by managers can be derived from this. Most managers want to promote or give special treatment to those who are exactly like them. This means that these people either grew up with same challenges...

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