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Ethical Issues In Ob Essay

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Week 1 Assignment;
Organizational Ethics
Billy Arnette
BUS 610 Organizational Behavior
Instructor:  Bevalee Vitali
December 19, 2011

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Due to the nature of business organizations are faced with ethical issues daily. The rise in the importance of the stock market in the public sector coupled with investors expecting quick returns are driving management to make decisions that can ...view middle of the document...

2001). When the main supplier of Victoria Secrets cotton was found to be using children to harvest its cotton this did not follow their public promise to their customers. It appears that Victoria Secrets did not directly try to violate its promise but indirectly it did and now its ethical credibility is challenged. Victoria Secrets should have looked closer at its cotton vendor before it made the promise to its customers. Victoria Secrets Procurement organization was not fully dialed into the strategic vision which now puts the company’s ethics in question. This is a perfect example of when a company didn’t do its due diligence when selecting a vendor.
Organizations have a responsibility to make sure that they view ethics from a structural viewpoint to give their employee’s a clear framework with which to make decisions. The organization also needs to make sure that when statements are being made regarding their stand point on social issues that they can substantiate it.

Individual Impacts on Organizational Ethics
As Kinicki states; ethical and unethical conduct is the product of a complex combination of influences and at the center of the influences is the individual decisions maker(Kinicki, A. & Kretiner, R. 2009). Individuals have the greatest amount of impact on an organization ethical standpoint. The individuals are the ones that have to execute on the organizations strategy and vision. Organizational culture is maintained by the individuals of an organization and since culture is the glue that binds an organization together culture is what establishes the behavior of the organization. For example, when an organizations only goal is to maximize profits at any cost it will be hard pressed to push ethical misconduct this is an example of external organizational influences on individuals. When individuals in an organization focus primarily on what is legally required to cover a decision or action there is usually a conflict between what is legal and what is ethical, external organizational influences are being used. If the organizations culture is focused on legal outcomes there is a good chance that the individuals will use legality to defend a decision that is ethically questionable. Individuals in organizations need to understand that laws can be neutral on ethical issues but laws cannot be used to validate an ethical stance.
Ethics are tied to individual morals and beliefs. Morals and beliefs are formed and supported by how an individual is raised, their experiences and ultimately who they choose to align themselves with. In order for ethical standards in an...

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