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Ethical Issues Influencing Advertising Essay

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Marketing assignment question one.
The purpose of this paper is to discuss how an organisation can address the legal and ethical issues that mitigate the advantages of advertising. The essay shall talk about legal issues then the ethical issues.Businesses are in the game to make money and advertising can go a long way towards selling a particular product. But as with many human endeavours, advertising can often be harmful as well as helpful and the lines between the two are harder to determine than may first appear. Adhering to an ethical advertising principle means paying close attention to several key distinctions.Definition of key termsLegal issues are those issues which have something ...view middle of the document...

" Therefore one kind of promotional activity, separate from publicity (free), sales promotion (not forms of communication), and personal selling (not impersonal nor through a mass medium). A public notice meant (a) to convey information and (b) invite patronage or some other response, inform and persuade ("stimulate demand").Benefits of AdvertisingEconomic: useful tool for sustaining honest and ethically responsible competition by informing people of the availability of rationally desirable new products and services and improvements in existing ones.Political: helps counteract tendencies toward the monopolization of power by informing people of the ideas and policy proposals of parties and candidates.Cultural: can exert a positive influence on decisions about media content; contribute the betterment of society by uplifting and inspiring people and motivating them to act in ways that benefit themselves and others. Importance of witty, tasteful and entertaining advertising, even to the point of becoming art.1Moral and Religious: communicate messages of faith, patriotism, tolerance, compassion and neighborly service, charity, health, educationHarms of AdvertisingEconomic: misrepresent and without relevant facts; subvert the media by pressure not to treat of questions that are embarrassing and inconvenient; tout harmful or useless goods; move people based on non-rational decisions; become a tool of "consumerism"; particularly harmful in economically less developed countriesPolitical: costs of advertising can limit political competition to wealthy candidates or to those willing to compromise their integrity; distorts the views and records of opponentsCultural: corrupt culture and cultural values by contradicting sound traditional values; can create superficiality, tawdriness, and moral squalor; ignore educational and social needs of certain segments of the audience; contributes to stereotyping of particular groupsMoral and religious harms: deliberate appeals to motives of envy, status seeking, and lust creates vulgar and morally degrading advertising; treat of religion in obnoxious and offensive manners; can promote morally suspect or perverse products and practicesThe Pros and Cons of Negative Advertising. When negative advertising is done correctly, businesses find great success. For example, Apple managed a successful negative advertising campaign against Microsoft by lightheartedly poking fun at the personal computer giant as being outdated and problematic. However, when negative advertising is done incorrectly, it can become disastrous for the company. In worst-case scenarios, companies end up having to apologize publicly for their blunders. Then they must focus on conducting damage control in an effort to keep their current customers and win over others. Regulations prohibit certain deceptive advertising practices. For example, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission monitors and punishes instances of bait-and-switch advertising, which consists of...

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