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Ethical Issues That Wal Mart Faced In India And China..Docx Uploaded Successfully

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Ethical Issues that Wal-Mart faced in India and China.
Wal-Mart’s ethical business management is related to the global environment, which consists of financial markets, cultures, technologies and government policies. The market also consists of hyper competition from different countries such as China and India and regional players in the global environment. China has low cost offshore labor in the “flat world”, so that Chinese imports are so inexpensive to enter in U.S. So many factors lead most US manufactories to close the doors and eventually jobs are lost accelerate. The United States’ economic outlooks vary with regard to the global economy. In my opinion, the labor force is one of ...view middle of the document...

More evidence is when we hear from a store mgr/trainer that the policy was that if you can squeeze every dime out of them, you can go for it, and not care whether they get sick (which is yet another issue). It is also implied by one worker that they would be heavily pressured to do overtime work (“If you can’t do it, I’ll just get someone else to do it” with a smile), and presumably would not be promoted if they didn’t do the overtime work. This practice is effectively pressuring someone to work for free, and/or assuming they will not be paid for overtime.

* Wal-Mart has multiple (at least 80) lawsuits concerning wage and hour violations.
Besides being sued for not paying overtime, and for which there are multiple violations and lawsuits, Wal-Mart has also been charged with not giving workers federally mandated breaks, lunches, and requiring workers to take their missed breaks or overtime before Friday’s end of the pay period, which is illegal. They have also manipulated their wage and hour records according to these lawsuits. For instance, employees might be logged out for payroll purposes, but simultaneously logged into cash registers, which is proof of off-the-clock labor. They have not paid full-time benefits for workers who work 40 hours per week.

* Wal-Mart is not paying a living wage. Wal-Mart has been subject to criticism by numerous groups and individuals. Among these are labor unions, community groups, grassroots organizations, religious organizations, environmental groups and Wal-Mart customers. They have protested against Wal-Mart, the company's policies and business practices, including charges of racial and gender discrimination. Other areas of criticism include the corporation's foreign product sourcing, treatment of product suppliers, environmental practices, the use of public subsidies, and the company's security policies. Wal-Mart denies doing anything wrong and maintains that low prices are the result of efficiency. In August 2006, Wal-Mart announced that it would allow workers at all of its Chinese stores to become members of trade unions, and that the company would work with the...

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