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Ethical Issues With Opposite Sex Essay

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As a former student athlete at the University of South Florida, we had to dedicate our time to the kids around the neighborhood. We always did the Thanksgiving Food Drive, Great American Teaching, and Christmas Gift Drive for Kids. My teammates and I always loved volunteering our time because we loved being a role model to them and felt like we touch them in some kind of way when they come to us and ask us questions. The best part was when our coach gave those children tickets to our games and you can see them holding signs up cheering for us. By my sophomore year in college, I felt such a connection that I asked my Cousin who is a social worker, if I can volunteer my time and help her counsel some of her kids.
Many of the kids I spoke with had issues with one of their counselor because he did not like the fact that 60 percent of ...view middle of the document...

” According to Federal Judge J. Randall Hall, the 11th Circuit previously dismissed Keeton’s appeal for a preliminary injunction, pointing out that “counselors must refrain from imposing their moral and religious values on their clients.” I agree with the judge, because not everyone has the same belief. I do understand where Keeton points of view are, but when you are a counselor you will meet a broad selection of clients and it is very important not to let your own personal values interfere with the client’s values. You have to expect the worse and be able to deal with it. If you are feeling uncomfortable, you must handle yourself as a professional suggest your client to seek counseling somewhere else. “when affairs of the conscience ripen into action – either speech or conduct – government is granted leave to regulate in behalf of certain public interests, including education and professional fitness” (Hall). This is where Keeton went wrong and clearly didn’t follow the right procedure. She should have followed the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics within the university program which is same code of ethics that counselors follow.
This article ties in with our weekly reading. The religious preference which is VII of the Civil Right Act, which prohibits employment discrimination based on a person’s religion (Snell & Bohlander). This situation does not just happen in schools, it happens in a lot of workplace. Homosexuals are classified has minority and a disrespect to religious believers. At the end of the day you cannot control someone else’s belief. We in a society where many states and countries have legalize Gay marriages. At some point people have to accept them or a least respect them.


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