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Ethical Responsibility Essay

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Do we have an Ethical responsibility outside the US?

DeVry University

Author Note
This paper was prepared for Intro to Business and Technology taught by Professor Branch


In this paper will address the issues of tariffs and the social benefits that can be gained. Franchising abroad and what role a culture could play in the success of your business. When going into another country you have to ensure you did your research. You have to be considerate of the host nation to ensure your product is appropriate for them.

It’s always important to be familiar with the host country’s beliefs and customs. In the United States we do a lot of foreign exchange. We are big on Sports ...view middle of the document...

A product may be great and marketable here in the United States but a complete flop overseas. Is it cost effective and do you have the means to produce quality products. Is there a need for the product there or is in accordance with their culture as to not be offensive. Research needs to be done not just on the product but on the region that you are attempting to build in. Understanding how your franchise will be used makes it easier to target your audience and present your product. An example of understanding your region is trying to set up alcohol or sex oriented business in a dry country or one that frowns on flaunting sexuality wouldn’t be a success and it definitely would be offensive to the host nation. A franchise needs to be open to change. Being stubborn an unwilling to compromise could make all the difference and cause you to not be received. It may be necessary to tweak your idea to work in that country. You have to care about quality over quantity. Failure in a foreign country is hard on the brand and the potential re-entry into the country at a later date, so choose wisely. (John Dring)
I’m sure there are a lot of people that feel the government should put tariffs on imported products. Why not, they tax everything else here. A tariff on imports can be viewed as a negative thing. It definitely would cut...

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