Ethical Treatment Of Participants Essay

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Ethical Treatment of Participants
Business 600
March 11, 2016

This paper examines the ethical treatment of participants in business research which includes the researcher, the decision maker, and the participant. Each has an obligation to the research study and by exhibiting ethical behavior, the data results will determine accurate information that the decision maker can use for their company. If there is a presence of unethical behavior like lying, deception, coercion, not fully being educated or aware of the study details, it can result in the damaging consequences for not only the participants, but it can also affect the shareholders of the company, the customers buying ...view middle of the document...

Cooper and Schindler define scientific method as a, “systematic, empirically based procedures for generation replicable research” and is defined by nine different characteristics (Cooper & Schindler, 2014, p. 15).
Characteristics of the Scientific Method
There are nine specific steps that guide the researcher to a conclusion. The first characteristic of the scientific method is having a clearly defined purpose. In order to begin research, there needs to be a problem that needs a solution or a decision that needs to be made, giving the study a purpose. The second step requires the research processes to be fully detailed making it so that experiment can be replicated by another person at a later time. The third step is that the research design should be fully planned out so that the data can be as objective as possible and the fourth step is to make sure that the study has high ethical standards in order to guard the well-being of the participants which consists of the client, the researcher, and the participant(s). The fifth step requires that every report lists the imperfections or limitations of the study which could affect the reliability and validity of the data. The sixth step is the analysis of the data which expresses a conclusion to the initial question. Those findings need to be clearly stated within the report to reveal its significance. The seventh step requires for the data to be presented explicitly in order to achieve maximum objectivity and the eighth step is to “specify the conditions under which their conclusions seem to be valid” (Cooper & Schindler, 2014, p. 18). The last characteristic of good research is that the report should contain the qualifications of the researcher. This is one way the reader can judge whether the researcher is experienced, has a good reputation, and is a person of integrity. For example, if the topic of research was on animals, but the researcher studied botany. The validity of the paper wouldn’t be strong. All of the characteristics of the scientific method are equally important in order to have good business research. Most bad research uses data from another study for interpretation of the current study. Other examples of bad research are adding personal stories or experiences that are not subject to the controls of the research, and using data from an inadequate population size and applying to the current research that does not have the same population (Cooper & Schindler, 2014). Out of the nine characteristics listed above, the following analysis will concentrate on the fourth step, providing ethical treatment for the participants.
What Are Ethics
Trust is a key factor in the implementation of ethics. If everyone in the study trusted each other, there wouldn’t be a need for oversight, rules, or laws, but that is not reality. Today’s reality consists of the “erosion of these ethical norms is a source of social anxiety, creating distrust and moral callousness” (Allen, 1990). That is why...

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