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Ethics/316 Week One Individual Assignment

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There are three significant approaches in normative ethics such as quality ethics, deontological ethics, and utilitarianism. This paper is going to evaluate the resemblances and variations between quality concept, utilitarianism, and deontological principles. It will include information of the variations in how each concept details ethics and morality and it will also talk about an experience to describe the relationship between quality, principles, and ethical principles as their associate with one of the three principles.
Differences in How These Theories Address Ethics and Morality
Virtue ethics emphasizes on virtues rather than the rules or consequences whereas deontology emphasizes on duties and their adherence to rules, and utilitarianism puts more emphasizes on the consequences of an action while considering what action creates the greatest good for the ...view middle of the document...

In this ethical theory one is forced to consider the consequences when presented with an ethical decision.

In the deontological ethical theory we see that it places more ethical weight on the adherence to laws and/or rules to judge what is considered ethical. This emphasis is placed on the action itself rather than the outcome of an action. Many religions follow this ethical theory in that the rules such as the Ten Commandments are set and must be followed.
Virtue ethics, deontological ethics, and utilitarianism are the three significant techniques in normative ethics. Virtue ethics focuses on the benefits, or ethical personality, while deontology focuses on responsibilities or guidelines, and utilitarianism focuses on the repercussions of activities. Virtue ethics is also called agent-based or personality ethics. According to Boylan (2009), when using the quality principles approach, one should take the point of view that in living their lifestyle they should try growing quality in all that they do. It motivates people to create their personality as the basis for the good lifestyle. Utilitarianism is a way of consequentialism, significance that the ethical worth of an activity is established by its result. Utilitarianism indicates that an activity is fairly right when that activity generates more total application for the group than any other alternative (Boylan, 2009). Deontological principles most judges the activity depending on the action's sticking with to a concept or guidelines. This way of principles uses guidelines and responsibilities to determine what is “right”. Deontological ethics is compared to consequentialism. Deontology preserves the wrongness of activities is located in the kind of activity that it is, rather than the repercussions it triggers. A deontologist, for example, would find the act of eliminating a simple man wrong simply because it is the eliminating of human being.

Sydney Callahan, In Good Conscience (Harper Collins: New York, 1991)

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