Ethics And Corporate Responsibility In The Workplace And The World

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Teamwork and Motivation
Frankie Rios
Strayer University
Dr. Laura Poluka
BUS 520 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
February 24, 2014

The small company manufacturing the WooWoo product has been engulfed in manufacturing issues such as high defects which are increasing costs and delaying delivery. It has been decided that an organizational motivation plan is key to resolving these issues. The following motivation plans strategy is to encourage high job satisfaction, low turnover, high productivity and high-quality work. According to Schermerhorn J., Osborn R., Hunt J. & Uhl-Bien M. (2012), motivation are “forces within the individual that account for the level and persistence ...view middle of the document...

A chart throughout the company that shows the defect ratio minimizing could be utilized. In addition, a weekly meeting can be held to discuss status, opportunities for improvement and to showcase staff for accomplishments. A monthly or quarterly lunch celebration could also be utilized to reward staff.
The two methods to motivate all staff are ensuring that the employees are happy to come to work and that they feel empowered in the decision process. Happy employees would be the priority over the empowerment. Work-life balance and a sincere caring for the employees will ensure that they will look forward to come to work and that their mind is on work and not on issues at home. Empowering the staff to make decisions and involve them in the decision making process will show them that they make a difference and have an effect on how successful the company will be.
Minimum wage workers are usually given repeatable tasks and are not involved in any of the planning exercises. The three ways to motivate minimum wage workers are to show sincere concern, have them participate in decision making and motivate through positive reinforcement. According to Train2gain (2006), “you should take an interest in your employees and engage in conversation on a daily basis”. If possible, call your employees by their first name when engaging them. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory best matches the first motivation. Specifically, the social and esteem needs. Involving the employees in the decision making process is the second way to motivate your minimum wage employees. Expectancy theory matches the second motivation. This will allow ideas and feedback from the actual people who perform the tasks and make them feel like they are more than just a resource. Positive reinforcement is the third method to motivate minimum wage employees. Equity theory best matches the third motivation factor. Whether tasks are completed to your satisfaction or not feedback should be positive instead of stating what not to do.
In today’s organizational context, the individual worker can have a...

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