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Ethics And Democracy Essay

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EthicsThe citizen under democracy exists in the contemporary world, a plurality of images and uses for the concept of democracy. In most cases the word democracy is used as a synonym for freedom, equality, majority government, social justice, fraternity, etc... However, for some people it is a symbol of inefficiency, anarchy and politics. It is true that democracy is a political regime, which implies not only a form of government and social economic structure, but also values, attitudes and behaviors democratic. It is also the political system used in most countries in the world. The foundation of democracy is the recognition of the dignity of the human person. Free People are aware of their ...view middle of the document...

Set the common good as the purpose of the State, is the majority rule with respect for minority rights. It allows ideological and political pluralism. It encourages political freedoms surrounding the electoral process. Allows periodic free elections of governments according to predetermined rules, universal suffrage, secret, staff, equal and informed citizens. It gives a peaceful competition of power. Discard all kinds of physical and verbal violence, like terrorism. Power is distributed in different organs of the state, to prevent abuse of one of them through the control of others. It recognizes the autonomy of intermediate bodies of society for citizens to meet various needs. It allows the effective enforcement of the rule of law. To be a citizen under Democracy and Permanent attributes refer to the values, principles and rules that the Democratic regime has to have. First, the democratic values include, the dignity of the person, recognition and comprehensive assessment of all individuals by virtue of being human. All are of different sex, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and cultural have the same inalienable dignity. Freedom is a feature of every human at birth. It lets you choose or make decisions, which define your personal and social life. Freedom is inherent in us. Equality is a value that we recognize all human beings equally. We are all born equal in rights and dignity. Secondly, the essential principles of democracy respect promote and guarantee human rights. The State is obliged to respect the rights of individuals, to promote and guarantee through legal and effective mechanisms to an independent judiciary. Citizens have responsibility, respect and promote the rights of others in the social environment that are developed and the determination of the people or popular sovereignty. It is the effective recognition of the people, i.e. the set of citizen-voters through universal suffrage, has the ability and the power to choose the kind of government that sees fit with complete independence and freedom. The people are the source whence originates and state power, who delegated authorities or governments. No person or group has the right to impose without the consent of the people a certain form of political organization. The citizen under Democracy, Forms of Government, and Presidentialism. This scheme has the characteristics of Presidential Government, by emphasizing the role of the executive. This type of government Presidentialist occurring in Latin America, also called representative Caesarism, is characterized by a strong executive with extensive powers over the other two branches of government. American Presidents often have co-legislative powers with Congress or Parliament, such as bill; a special legislative session, statement of urgency in processing bills, participation in the parliamentary debate on the law through the Ministers of State, partial veto, etc... Notwithstanding the broad powers of the Head of State, his power...

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