Ethics And Social Responsibility In Business

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The Idea of Ethics and Social Responsibility in Business
For the purpose of this essay I’ve elected to discuss the responsibility of the employee in the work place, and their place in the corporate system. All four chapters we’ve read in the text so far have been filled to the brim with the three author’s ideas of what makes a business and its workforce ethically responsible, but the particular section in the first chapter regarding employee ethics caught my attention.
When a business begins to grow, if it turns a profit and remains successful, it will most likely need to take on employees so that it can cope with the growth its products demand (Nickels, et al). Everyone hired ...view middle of the document...

However they’re only focusing on people working in office jobs or the medical field. They have neglected to include people who work in entry level jobs for minimum wage.
In 2012, 1.6 million people worked for minimum wage in jobs that included no health benefits, no paid sick days, and no financial security ("Characteristics of Minimum Wage Workers: 2012”). These are some of the main reasons as to why working for someone else and not yourself can be so appealing. Teenagers and the majority of the age group known as “the Millennials” are still in these same entry-level positions today and don’t see much hope for that changing. These people normally end up being forced to hold down more than one job, which causes them to be over worked and under paid, and only increases the amount of jobs that are unavailable today. Also business owners have said they don’t want to have too many employees because they want to avoid becoming subject to Obamacare, not that they aren’t hiring because all of their current employees are so productive ("Want a Job? Good Luck Finding Full-time Work"). We’re basically doing everything we can to create and army of the working poor.
The problem with the three authors’ stance regarding the ethical behavior of employees is that it’s unrealistic and does not encompass all people. Also, they’re expecting ethical and positive behavior from people who, as you can see from my last two paragraphs, are not receiving ethical or positive treatment from their employers. It’s very difficult to discuss ethics in business in the first place due to the fact that America was founded on the principles of Capitalism and morality. These two concepts are often found to be a fundamental juxtaposition. Here I am in a secular class on business, and I get...

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