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Ethics And The Epa Essay

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The environmental protection agency also known as the EPA is a government agency that is in charge of protecting the environment by putting in place laws and policies that have been passed by congress. The EPA dates back to the 1970's of which when it was established by former president Nixon mainly due to the concern of CO2 that was emitted from our automobiles. However since the 1970's the EPA has undergone many changes to help keep up with the changing environmental needs and the phenomenon of global warming. Not only has the environment changed and the EPA, but the administrations have changed as well. The administration changes have had an impact on the EPA since the 1970's it has ...view middle of the document...

There is no doubt our current administration is changing the way the EPA enforces the laws that protect the environment, however there still are challenges they must face. America is a major producer and consumer of energy, and is very dependent upon oil, and natural gasses. The fact that the EPA is placing stricter regulations on how oil and natural gas is recovered is dividing the current administration because some lawmakers understand our need for these fuels on a day-to-day basis. By tightening the screw on the companies that provide the services to drill for this fuel will raise prices which will get pushed back on the consumer. These actions do not look good politically to the administration or the lawmakers. I understand that changes are going to happen but the way this administration pushes things through the senate and house to oppose opposition is amazing. Administrations of the past had more of a bipartisan vote on things like environmental protection, and how the way our industry can pollute which is how it should be, not by executive order.
I have read articles in different publications that rate the progress and approval of this administrations methods and these publications offer a relative neutral opinion not one on the left or the...

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