Ethics And The Legal Environment Part 1

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|What are the ethical |How can this be resolved|How can this be resolved |How can this be resolved|How can this be resolved |How would these issues be resolved a t each stage of KOHLBERG's |
|issues or concerns in this|applying KANT"s |applying MILL's Theory of |applying the theory of |applying the theory of |Levels of Moral Development?(label the stages) |
|Energy Cooperative Case |Categorical Imperative? |Utilitarianism? |RIGHT's based of ethical|JUSTICE based ethical | |
|study? | | |decision ...view middle of the document...

|use being on the Board of |It is not ethical to use|group with valuable input |the companies or not. |The Director could be | |
|Directors for his own |his allegiance to the |and that’s all that | |prosecuted for giving false|Good Interpersonal Relationships – This stage would mean that the|
|personal benefit by |Energy Cooperative when |matters. |The Directors clients |information to his clients |Director asking for permission is keeping his interpersonal |
|stating that he is |speaking with his own | |have a right to hear |in order to benefit his |relationship with the other Board members and the Committee in |
|Director while speaking |clients. |The Director is able to use|about the Energy |business. |good standing by asking for permission first. |
|with his own clients. | |this introduction to his |Cooperative from the | | |
| |The Director should not |clients for his own good if|Directors. And, the |The Board Member could be |Maintaining the Social Order – the Director is asking for |
|To say “I am calling as |be able to use the |the person he is speaking |Directors have a right |prosecuted for claiming to |permission from all of the Committee, therefore a general |
|director” implies he is |statement “I am calling |with becomes a dues paying |to state that they are a|be “the Director” when in |consciences should be reached before he will act on their |
|the only director of the |as Director” because it |member of the Energy |Director of the...

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