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Ethics Essay Eth/316

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Ethics Essay
Shannon Williams
November 25, 2013
Jeremy Gephart

Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does. This is a saying that I have been taught as a child. While reading this essay it will discuss the similarities and differences of virtue ethics, utilitarianism, and deontology, theory as it relates to ethics and morals. Also how a personal experience that explains the relationship between virtue, values, and moral concepts as it relates to one of the theories. Ethics and morality play a major role in day to day situations; they dictate how to respond in an acceptable manner.
Similarities and Differences
Virtue Ethics deals with what is right or wrong. It is a character-based ethic that views ones action over a period and not for a single ...view middle of the document...

Motivation is what causes a significant difference among the three theories. Virtue ethics emphasis trying to achieve excellence in all you do, in your personal and professional lives. Utilitarianism focuses on whether or not an action has beneficial consequences. Some may perceive this moral theory to be selfish because you are not looking out for self but for the greater good of everyone. On the other hand deontology deals solemnly on if the action is morally right, the consequences can be harmful to the majority but can still be considered morally correct in society’s standards.
Personal Experience
While working for the Marriott, I was appointed the front desk manager. I never received formal training, or had previous experience; but I took on the challenge as a career steppingstone. I was not that skillful of a manager, I went to my supervisor and told her I want to step down until I received all the training required so I could be a better manager. Taking that step I believed that I took on the utilitarian theory, doing what was better for my staff. Ethically I knew I was not the best person for this position, so I made the right choose to step down until I finished my training. Morally, I could not go one leading my staff when I was so confused about the policy and procedures of the hotel and how to manage the staff. I believe I showed virtue by putting myself through training and striving to become a better manager.
Understanding the three theories of ethics; virtue, utilitarianism, and deontology can help one conduct their actions ethically and morally in any situation. Morals and ethics are developed over time from childhood, culture, and professional environments. One most understand that no matter which theory you live by, our actions can influence our future in a significant manner.

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