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The definition of ethics deserves more than just one sentence, as it is an ambiguous, complex and intangible subject that revolves around behavior towards society, the environment and the business world at large. It is a reflection of one’s personal values and behavior within the business environment and is concerned with what is right and what is wrong based on sometimes religious values, law, established practices, society and individual conscience. Ethics is based on unwritten rules that address fairness, responsibility, moral obligation and compassion. ...view middle of the document...

The main ethical issue here is the impact that fossil fuels have on the natural environment in terms of air pollution caused by toxic gas emissions, water and soil toxicity and the depletion of the fossil fuels at large that are also needed for transport. All these also bring with them negative health implications to communities and individuals, such as respiratory diseases and cancer to name a few.
It is therefore only logical to look and opt for alternative energy sources that can provide the same efficacy and reliability as fossil fuels for power, such as the harnessing of solar energy. Looking at the theory and experimental results of solar energy, it comes across as the best solution in resolving the damage fossil fuels bring with them. Solar energy is a clean source of energy that has advanced in its technology tremendously over the years.
The ethical issues that arise from opting for solar energy for all are mostly socio-economic issues. As mentioned earlier, the masses that would benefit from this technology are also the ones who will have the most positive impact on the environment, should they all be using this source of energy. Solar energy however has one huge downside, and that is the fact that it simply costs too much. From installation to implementation it is priced way out of reach for the masses. It is therefore known as the energy for the rich and seen more as status symbol than what it is actually intended to bring to the environment and society.
Here solar energy increases the gap between rich and poor and in itself becomes unethical towards society. A few houses or neighborhoods on solar energy cannot deliver the impact that is needed to make the environment greener. At a cost of approximately USD 1000 for installation and then another approximately USD 1000 for conversions (compatible fuse box, rewiring, etc.) that may be needed at houses to facilitate solar energy, the exercise becomes too expensive for most households in the community who might even live in houses that are old and structurally not sound for panels (which then means that major alterations need to be done). These fees equate to school fees, medical bills, etc. Here the question arises whether this technology is priced ethically, as installing it out of pocket will have severe implications on households.
By trying to make it accessible through finance options will not solve the ethical issues either, as the households are merely forced into more debt, even if the monthly installments are equal to normal monthly utility bills. As indicated in the text, many households cannot even keep up with the regular payments of utility bills, for which they have help from government, but there is no backup help if they miss a monthly installment on the solar panels.
Looking at the various types of solar panels available, the older ones might be cheaper, yet they need more maintenance, which costs money, and might not be of good quality like for example not...

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