Ethics In Psychological Assessments Essay

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Ethics in Psychological assessments
Consider the American psychological Association writing the first formal code of ethics in 1942, detailing professional use of assessments. Addressed were qualifications for the test users, responsibilities, principles, guidelines, application and use of assessments for psychologists. Additionally the American counseling Association code of ethics provides expectations for conduct with the primary emphasis being on the role of the professional counselor. Again MFT provides the some code of ethics in which to provide expectations of the licensed Marriage and Family therapist. Examples of provisions within those guidelines for the use of assessments, but ...view middle of the document...

With this in mind, addressed in section C of the code of ethics is the responsibility of the professional counselor, regarding professional relationships, honoring cultural diversity, social justice, practicing in a professional manner with competence. Professional standards set forth by the American counseling Association are provided within the code of ethics to provide an ethical code of conduct. Counselors that maybe struggling with any ethical dilemmas may seek consultation with the board, 5 days a week 8:30 to 4:30 to ask for guidance on such matters. The American counseling Association provides information on the processing of complaints to uphold ethical practice of professional counselors. There are guidelines for filing complaints in section J, along with investigating process, section K outlines how implications or accusations are processed to inform the professional being charged. Disposition of complaints, after all required documentation has been received and reviewed L.2, section N suggests remedial stipulations might apply depending on the ethical implications, or a probationary period might apply, whatever to be imposed by the committee (American counseling association, 2014).
The board of Marriage and Family Therapists provides a detailed outline of expectations of professional conduct, and implications of such outcomes be reviewed by the broad committee when and if such situations arise at any given time. If the Marriage and Family board committee find a person guilty of unprofessional conduct in investigating implications depending on how severity of the infraction will determine the outcome of the sanction. The most serious violations can end the career of the therapist in question. However these professionals have the right to an appeal before the AAMFT judicial committee, if no appeal is submitted then the decision of the judicial committee will be rendered final. There is a stipulation if the broad finds that there was some procedural violation has occurred that crippled the decision making process a formal written notice has to be submitted within a theory day period (AAMFT , 2014).
Section E of the code of ethics provides a detailed outline of observation regarding evaluation, assessment and...

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