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Ethics In Software Industry Essay

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To reach out the benefits of IT to common we need Internet, Affordable computers, S/w
1. 85% of computer usage is Word Processing
2. Browsing, e-mail, chat have changed out life-style of today
3. Emotion Containers can prevent people from acquiring bad habits
4. Personal Archives store personal details like family photographs and treasures
5. Kara-Oke allows one to sing along with the audio coming from the original
6. Robots function as Electronic pets to the children
7. Memo Frame allows easy interaction with other people through touch screen, scanner
8. ATM enable withdrawal of money from the user a/c anytime and anywhere
9. e-Banking permits banking from the comfort of the home ...view middle of the document...

23. Digitization is a process of converting non-digital material to digital form
24. Maps, manuscripts, moving images, sound material can be digitized
25. Donn Parker examined the unethical and illegal uses of computers by professionals
26. The general guideline on computer ethics is needed for Protection of Personal data, Computer Crime, Cracking
27. The personal data can be protected using Physical Security, Personal Security, Personnel Security
28. Physical Security is protecting the h/w, magnetic disks that can be damaged / destroyed
29. Personal Security refers to permit only authorized to access the system
30. The Personal security can be achieved using User Id and Password
31. Personnel Security is Protecting the data and computer against dishonesty / negligence of employees
32. Piracy is Making and using duplicate h/w, s/w
33. Virus is a self-replicating prg that can damage data, files, computer
34. There are 57000 known virus programs are in existence
35. Running some other s/w on idle machine without the knowledge of the organisation is Theft of Computer Time
36. Cracking is the illegal access to the network or computer system.
37. Illegal use of special resources is the key reason for cracking
1. List the elements we need to reach out the benefits of IT to the common man
We need THREE basic elements to reach out the benefits of IT to the common man
a) Connectivity [Computer networks and Internet facility]
b) Computers or other devices that can be easily purchaseable
c) Software to use

2. How are the computers used in areas of health care?
Computers are used in
a) Hospital management system
b) Patient Tracking System
c) Exchange of diagnostic records between the healthcare units
d) Tracking and Monitoring Communicable diseases.

3. How computers are used in Education?
a) Buying and browsing the latest edition of books.
b) Computer Based Tutorial [CBT] and Web Based Tutorial [WBT]
c) e-Learning enables on-line educational programs leading to degrees and certifications

4. Write about Home Banking and e-Shopping
a) e-Banking permits banking from the comfort of the home by using Internet facilities.
b) e-Shopping permits purchase of any product, any brand, any quantity from anywhere.
c) Advance payment, Credit cards, Prior registration are the popular methods in e-Shopping

5. How computers are used in Agriculture?
a) Farmers benefit from online resources such as seed estimators and pest information sites.
b) They can also use revenue estimators to plan the crops that produce the highest profits based on weather patterns, soil types and current market values.
c) Computers are used in

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