Ethics Reflections Paper

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Ethics Reflection Paper            Ethics can be described as a contradiction of moral logic; meaning one can behave ethically out of personal conviction and of moral feeling, not out of sheer strategic calculation of self interest (Mintzberg, Ghoshal, Lampel, & Quinn, 2003, p.295). Ethics are more commonly known as the difference between right and wrong, and basing ones actions on doing the right thing.            Ethics, as defined by the MintzbergGhoshal, Lampel, & Quinn, 2003, is aquestion of values and goals, not of methods. Acting ethically is coming to know the difference between what is right and wrong, and doing the right thing. Social responsibility goes hand-in-hand withethical ...view middle of the document...

Ethics needs to be integratedinto a company¶s mission statement, value statement and strategic plans. If the strategic plandescribes what the company stands for and what its purpose is, while keeping in mind thecompany values, it will lead to a strong strategic plan. ³Moral values constitute a truth-forminglogic of action´ (Mintzberg et al, 2003, p.299). A strategic plan is actionable hence it needs to be morally created.            Concerning my ethical perspective, I have always been one to believe in karma and relateit to doing what is right and wrong. I found a paper that I wrote during the very first class of myMBA program in 2009. My ethical profile then most closely aligned with obligation which is based on the ³duty or obligation to do what is morally right´ ( University of Phoenix, 2011, Week One Web Link). After taking the Ethics Awareness Inventory two years later I am now mostclosely align with results. I tend to agree that my mindset has changed from obligation to results because now I want to see evidence that what is being done is ultimately the best outcome for thegood of the society. In taking the...

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