Ethics Seven Steps Essay

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Seven steps in Ethics Exam:

Step 2: Recognize All Moral Impacts
Only do stakeholder table including: benefits, harms, rights exercised and denied

Step 3: Define Complete Moral Problem
State moral problem in question form
- “Is it ethically permissible to… Given that…”
Why it’s a moral problem, why does it involve ethics
Why it’s a moral dilemma
Two-sentence review > not full review of main points

Step 4: Determine the Economic Outcomes
“Pareto Optimality” > The rule is that you should always take the action that will generate the greatest profits for the company because this will also generate the greatest benefits for the society, provided it can be shown that all markets ...view middle of the document...

• Utilitarian Benefits: Never take any decision or action that dos not generate greater benefits than harms for the society of which you are a part.
• Universal Duties: Never take any decision or action that you would not be willing to see others, faced with the same or a closely similar situation, be free and even encouraged to take.
• Distributive Justice: Moral standards are based upon the primacy of a single value, which is justice. Everyone should act to ensure a more equitable distribution of benefits, because this promotes individual self-respect, which is...

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