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Today, America is made up of many different kinds of people. There are so manycultures that make America unique. Ethnic America, by Thomas Sowell, gives an excellentexample about why these different groups immigrated from there homelands to come toAmerica. Sowell also mention's the economic and cultural contributions made by thesedifferent cultures to our nation. The author didn't leave any stone unturned, and traceseach culture from thier homeland to thier economic standing in today's society.Most of the people that immigrate to America today are fleeing poverty orpersecution in thier own countries. This is not only true today, but the same reasons peoplecame to America in the past. The ...view middle of the document...

Latins came to America for the solereason that they were extremely poor. Mexicans and Puerto Ricans had nothing worthcalling their own. The last group of immigrants to come to America is the only group thatwas brought here against it's own will. The Africans are the only group to be literallyextracted by force from there homes. In fact after the slaves were free several of themreturned to Africa. Sowell gave more details on the countries themselves which he couldhave kept a little shorter, but overall he covers exactly why the vast quantities ofimmigrants fled to America.For whatever reason the immigrants came to America, they came and with themthey brought several traditions with them transforming America into the most culturallydiverse place in the world. Unfortunately settling here in America took time in the sensethe immigrants freedom and wealth did not come easy. Although it took time to settle in tosociety, and establish thier dreams, the immigrants knew that no matter how long it tookthier dreams could be accomplished. America gave these people hope and safety. In thierhomelands, these people would have never been able to fulfill thier dreams and ambitions.Today the immigrants show great achievement. The Irish, although not the biggestsuccess story, have reach what we call the American dream, or have become middle-classfamilies. The Germans have made great contributions in 'industry, science, culture,military strength, and recreation.' (pg. 68) After years of searching, the Jewish have notonly found religious freedom, but have become one of the more educated and wealthygroups in America. 'Jews are the classic American success story.' (pg. 98) The Italians arenot that much different from today's average American, they have reached an averageincome and gotten a standard education. The Chinese and Japanese however, are moreadvanced in education and wealth than most. Many of these people are working inscientific fields making America a great leader in technology. Asians seem to work harderand longer than most Americans...

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