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Ethnic Groups And Discrimination Essay

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In today’s society most people’s ethnic identity consists of more than one race. For example, I myself am Caucasian and Filipino and I can relate to both of the races. But I am mostly interested in my father’s nationality and that is Filipino. I have found some interesting things out about the heritage of the Filipino American and the thing they have had to endure to get where they are in our society today.
Our history as Filipino Americans started on October 18, 1587. From this time until the year 1815, Filipinos were made to work as sailors and deckhands on boats and ships that were called Spanish Galleons like the one’s in the ...view middle of the document...

It was during the War of 1812 that many Filipinos from the Manila Village that fought against the British in what was called the Battle of New Orleans. It was this war that marked the beginning of the first wave of Filipino Immigration in to the United States. The connection between the Spanish government and Filipino immigrants was brought to an end the Spanish American war when the United States wanted control of the Philippines. Which in turn was sold to America for the sum of Twenty million dollars, it was written in to the Treaty of Paris on April 11,1899. This brought about an end of the colonization of our land that had lasted for over three hundred years.
The Philippines celebrated their independence form Spain on June 12, 1898 and appointed a man named Emilio Aguinaldo as their president. The United States had pulled the wool over the Filipinos eyes and lead them to think that they were finally free, when in fact they were not. This ended up starting the Filipino-American War. This war was known to us as the Philippine Insurrection and it was known as a bloody one, and the first war America had with an overseas country. The war lasted for five years and it has been said that as many as 70,000 Americans died as a result of this war. An astronomical amount of Filipinos ended up dying, and children were ordered to be shot if they were over the age of ten years old. This brought the death toll from this war on the Filipino side to over 2 million people. They had even had a special gun that they used to kill the Filipinos in the war and that gun was a Colt 45 1902, the Philippine model. After the war the person who became the American president next was named William Howard Taft, was also named the governor of the Philippines. Anyways, he ended up putting together some American teachers who went to the Philippines to help start an adequate education system. Filipinos were also taught to sing American songs and world history in the eyes of the true American. That is exactly why so many of us speak such good English. It also proves that since 1903 we attended San Diego University.

In the early 1900’s more Filipinos moved to Hawaii to work in the sugar cane...

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