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Ethnic Stereotyping Essay

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Think Twice Before You JudgeEthnic stereotype is a false statement that has been repeated so many times that is accepted by many people as generally true. The use of ethnic stereotypes often leads to misunderstanding and hurt feelings. Some stereotypes, based on unbiased observations of actual behavior, can be accurate and useful. During my first semester at KCC my friend and I went to the library to get a current event from the T.V. for an upcoming assignment. As we were watching the news, she commented that she was afraid of North Korea more than Iraq because, and I quote, "Don't take this the wrong way, but Koreans are cruel ruthless killers." I was completely shocked and speechless. My ...view middle of the document...

We can do this through processes of self-assessments, which includes examining your cultures assumptions and values and your perspectives on them. As I mentioned earlier about my friends rude comment, perhaps she should learn and explore about the Korean culture first rather than making a negative assumption on something she does not know anything about.It is important to find a spokesperson on both sides who can comment and give information. By collecting information on both sides, we can help balance the conflicts that allow an individual to make up his or her mind. By contact with experts who have studied both sides of ethnic stereotyping, this might provide an objective analysis of events. With their expertise they can add benefits in their field of research or involvement on their topic. Their knowledge and background of ethnic stereotyping can also make us understand more present day events. We can also conduct interviews on the street to help illustrate how ethnic stereotyping is affecting citizens. These interviews will help us in many ways, for instance, we can ask questions like how will it affect us and why won't it go away. We can...

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