Etihad Business Report

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Task: Marketing Plan Analysis – Research Project

Title: Etihad Airways - Marketing Plan

Date: 20th November 2014

Company Background

Etihad Airways is the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, as well as carrier of the Abu Dhabi region. Royal (Amiri) Decree of Abu Dhabi first established Etihad Airways in July 2003 (Rodrigues, 2010, Etihad Airways – Marketing Plan). The Airline since commenced its commercial operations in November 2003, taking the lead in the fasting growing Airlines in the history of commercial aviation (2014, Etihad Airways).


This business report will critically analyse the extent to which, the five elements of the marketing process is ...view middle of the document...

The situational analysis is addressed through two main sections, a SWOT Analysis and Product Life Cycle. This SWOT analysis provides Etihad with useful information to see where they are currently positioned in the market and compared to their competitors.

SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis of Etihad Airways, providing an indication of their current strengthens, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
Sample Extract
SWOT Analysis – Etihad Airways |
INTERNAL | Strengths | * High customer awareness * Luxury at reasonable pricing * Service quality is outstanding * First class entertainment system, with more than three languages available in films * Award Winning prestige flight awards, such as; ‘World Leading Airline 2009’ |
| Weaknesses | * New to the market * Not affordable to some individuals |
EXTERNAL | Opportunities | * Potential in advancing further into technology updates * Capable of entering new markets because of their popularity * Improving flight service |
| Threats | * Other Airline companies, such as; Emirates and British Air Ways, both competing at low prices * Rising of fuel * Change in laws influencing Airlines |
(Rodrigues, 2010, Etihad Airways – Marketing Plan).

Shown in the sample extract above, a comprehensive analysis has been done under strengths. This is useful to Etihad, as it gives them an indication of what they are doing right. However Etihad has not done an in-depth analysis under weaknesses. This can be a potential risk, as it can negatively affect you’re business by not giving you that ‘competitive edge’. Nevertheless, Etihad has partially understood their external environment. By basic knowledge of their threats such as, rising of fuel, however, a better research is provided through opportunities, that, they can venture into ‘new markets’. This can be profitable and useful for Etihad, as their customer awareness is already large, giving them capability to expand their business. Etihad Airways has highly anaylsed one (SWOT Analysis) of the twos sections in the situational analysis to a great extent.

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Product Life Cycle
Through the use of a product life cycle Etihad Airways can determine where their product (air travel) is currently at in the continuing cycle. Although Etihad Airways has not provided relative information relating to the product life cycle. Which proves to be a weakness in the marketing plan, as it lacks that ‘detailed analysis’ of where the product is. Nevertheless, an estimation will be made to try understand where the product is – product life cycle has 4 stages – establishment, growth, maturity and post maturity. Etihad Airways was established in 2003, pushing them into the growth stage. Since then they have rapidly grown into leading competitors of major airlines, such as Emirates, thus pushing them into the maturity stage. Etihad cannot be in the post maturity as they have not been around long enough in relation to the Airline Market....

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