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Eulogy: Farewell To Democracy Essay

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On August 19, 1934, the funeral of democracy--which signified freedom, liberty, and equality--took place in Germany. The passing of the system was not a difficult experience but in fact expected. And, intimate friends gathered to bid farewell to democracy by casting votes. Ironically and unfortunately, the cause of the death was democracy itself, an election was held to dismantle the system. However, how could people silenced their own voice in how their country should be governed? With a disgraceful defeat in 1919, Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles thus ending World War I but also igniting hatred, vulnerability and a dictator. With the litany of restrictions and reminders of their ...view middle of the document...

During the war, the German government printed an excess of money to pay for soldiers, guns and ammunition. When the war ended there was more money than goods and a hyperinflation occurred. (Inflation Batters the Weimar Republic) Before in 1918 a US dollar was worth 4.2 marks but by November 16, 1923 a US dollar was worth 4.2 trillion marks. Many people found themselves bankrupt and found themselves “carting their worthless money around in wagons and knapsacks.” (Ibid, 136) Prices skyrocketed especially with every minute and as a result people often carried pounds of marks to buy the smallest item. The inflation brought anger; citizens questioned the government and how efficient it was doing its job. Later on in 1929 the Great Depression began. And, Germany’s source of money-American banks- started to call in their loans. As a result, Germany again went through an economic crisis with no solution. (Hard Times Return Lecture Notes) The parliament failed to bring prosperity to Germany’s economy and caused the people to be vulnerable: the perfect opportunity for Adolf Hitler to gain power.

With the Reichstag failing to fulfill its duty, German citizens began to lose trust in their government and sided toward someone who would comfort them such as Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. In 1928 the Nazi Party only held 12 seat in Reichstag but increase overtime where in 1930 they held 107 seats and by 1932 the political party held 230. (Hard Times Return Lecture Notes) Many citizens became supporters of the Nazi Party because Hitler connected with them. According to one member “No one who has ever looked Hitler in the eye and heard him speak can ever break away from him” and perhaps that it because Hitler spoke as a soldier, was a workingman himself, and cared for German’s manhood. (Anger and Humiliation) Hitler in a sense “used a magic charm in order to win the unconditional confidence of old and young alike.” (A Revolt in a Beer Hall) He was in fact very persuasive and communicated with everyone thus recruiting more supporters, which forced the parliament to give power to Hitler.

As Hitler became popular with the citizens, the parliament along with President Paul von Hindenburg understood that they needed the Nazi Party’s support and failed to follow their first impression of Hitler. In order to get laws past the parliament needed the Nazi Party and President Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor. At the time many were wary of Hitler’s intentions. He spoke against democracy on multiple occasions and in the public ear by proclaiming the new government of Germany on the radio without the speaking to other members of parliament. (Hitler’s Rise to Power Timeline) The leaders knew that Hitler was threat but instead allowed him to remain in power. President Hindenburg could have impeached Hitler but instead believed that Hitler could be “controlled” and that Hitler’s “ambitions would be tempered once he had real leadership.” (The Death of...

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