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Eulogy For Friend Essay

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Eulogy for Friend

On November 16th each of the individuals on this altar were to take part in what would have been the most special day in Michael’s life… the day he would have taken Stephanie’s hand in marriage. Instead we stand before you today and attempt to eulogize a great friend and beloved brother.

Though our hearts are filled with much sadness on this day, our message is not one of despair, but one of hope, love, and celebration. Anyone who had the good fortune of spending time with Mike can attest to the wit and good humor, which he embodied. He loved to laugh and more importantly he loved to make others laugh…a job he always seemed to accomplish with ease. He was the type ...view middle of the document...

. year after year after year. I’m sure he’s laughing at us now because his team is a contender this year. 

We also reflected back to the last week of Mike’s life. It was a typical week for Mike. Tuesday, fantasy football night (which he was obsessed with), Wednesday, he played golf (which he was obsessed with), Friday, he went fishing with his brothers and friends (which he was obsessed about), Saturday, he deejayed (which he was obsessed about), Sunday, he coached soccer (which he was obsessed about) and Monday he went to work (which he was obsessed about). All through that week he spent time with his family and of course Stephanie (who he was passionate about). As we look back now, that is how Mike lived every week of his life. He just loved spending time with his friends and family.  

He was known to many of you as Michael Francis Smith.  To his family he was known as son, brother, uncle, cousin, and nephew. To his friends he was known as: Mike, Mike Lynch, Mikey, Dusty, Mosquito, Mal (short for malnourished), Simon and of course...

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