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There were many effects the European Exploration had on history. When the Spaniards went to the Americas they brought many diseases, which killed many Indians. This is one example of an effect the European Exploration had on history.
Picture yourself as a Spaniard working for Columbus or Cortez and you are in the years 1492-1500.Traveling to the new world you dream about the untold riches there is to find and new land to claim. When you arrive you meet many people and your captain (Columbus or Cortez) say that they are going to call theses people Indians. When you show off your things to the Indians, you realize they have never seen any of the things you have because they stupidly cut their fingers on the blades of a sword. A light goes off in your captain’s head and they decide that the Indians make perfect slaves.
When the Spaniards went to the New World they brought many different plants and animals. Some are cattle, goats, chickens, barley, coffee, and oats. They ...view middle of the document...

They simply would cough and sneeze on a nice soft blanket as much as possible. Then they would wrap the blankets in a bow and present it as a peace offering to the Indians. The Indians would take the blanket and rub it on their faces and body. The Indians really like the blankets because they were so soft. After a while they would catch a disease, such as smallpox (a very deadly disease).When the Indians were sick, they wrapped themselves in the blankets they receive from the Spaniards, not knowing that the blankets are causing them to be sick. This was the start of Germ Warfare in American history. The smallpox epidemic killed more than half of the Indians that were there before the Spaniards went to the New World
When most of the Indians died, the Spaniards needed more slaves. So they had an idea to go to Africa to look for more slaves. When they met the African Americans, they thought they would make better slaves. For example, the African Americans were very strong and they were use to hard working conditions. When the Spaniards would capture a male African American, they would put a bag around their heads and chain them to a wall in a dark dungeon. After about 3-4 days the Spaniards would remove the bag from the males head. Then 3-2days later, the Spaniards would unchain him and start putting him to work. Even though there were enough strong slaves to fight the Spaniards they were scared and confused. They just wanted their family back. The African American Slaves were kept in compounds along the west coast of Africa. These compounds were called “Slave Factories”. At the Slave Factories the slaves were sold to people know as slave traders. Those slave traders would then take slaves back to the Old or New World and sell the slaves to people who needed them. This was start of slave trading in all of American history.
The European Exploration had many effects on history. When the Spaniards went to the New World they brought many diseases that killed many Indians. This was the start of Germ Warfare. When most of the Indians died, they decided to start enslaving African Americans. This was the start of slave trading in all of American history. If the Spaniards did not start enslaving African Americans or Indians, we would probably won’t have so much racism and hate in the world today.

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