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• Evaluate Approaches To Self Managed Learning

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UNIT TITLE | Unit 19 Marketing Planning |
ASSIGNMENT NO | 1 of 2 |


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2 | | | |
| Examine techniques for organisational auditing and for nalysing external factors that affect marketing planning | | 1.3 | | | |
| Cary out organisational auditing and analysis of externalfactors that affect marketing planning in a given situation | | 1.4 | | | |
Understand the mainbarriers to marketingplanningLO2 | Assess the main barriers to marketing planning | | 2.1 | | | |
| Examine how organisations may overcome barriers to Marketing Planning | | 2.2 | | | |
Merit grades awarded | M1 | | M2 | | M3 | | | |
Distinction grades awarded | D1 | | D2 | | D3 | | | |

Assignment( ) Well-structured; Reference is done properly / should be done (if any)Overall, you’veAreas for improvement: |
| (Oral feedback was also provided)STUDENT SIGNATURE DATE / / NAME : |

Evidence for the criteria 2
Introduction 5
Carry out organisational (Honda) auditing and analysis of external factors that affecting the marketing planning in Vietnam (1.4) 6
The marketing environment 6
Marketing strategies 6
Marketing system 7
Marketing organization 8
Marketing functions 8
Assess the main barriers of marketing planning (2.1) 9
2.1 Assess the main barriers of marketing planning. 9
Examine how ‘Honda’ Vietnam may overcome barriers to marketing planning (2.2) 10
Conclusion 12
Reference list 12


How to economic growth and profitable advice for companies in times of economic crisis and inflation is always a crest for the leadership of the Honda. Honda Vietnam's profits at the end of 2009 was 2.2% as of the end of 2009 compared with 2008. While Honda's China profits up to 12% and Honda globally, there are profits and reduce losses.

Carry out organisational (Honda) auditing and analysis of external factors that affecting the marketing planning in Vietnam (1.4)

The marketing audit is basically the examination of the company’s marketing environments and activities to find out what’s wrong with it and what were its opportunities and how to improve it. It’s an extensive, systematic, independence and regular examination process of a company’s marketing activities.
Honda also needs this process to assess their marketing plan and improve it, make it work effectively and efficiently.
Marketing audit contains the following components:
* Micro and Macro marketing environment
* Marketing strategies
* Marketing systems
* Marketing organization
* Marketing function
The marketing environment

* Micro is must follow some question. What are the...

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