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Evaluate The Claim That Miracles In The Bible Are Not A Reliable Form Of Experience

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Evaluate the claim that miracles in the Bible are not a reliable form of experience.
Prior to discussing this, it’s important to understand what it means to read the Bible. There are two common interpretations of the Bible, a literal reading and a non-literal reading. Having said this, I will argue that miracles in the bible, on balance are not a reliable form of religious experience and will consider the case studies of Jesus’ resurrection, resurrection of Jairus’s daughter and the miracle healing of the unclean woman.
Literalists would see the Bible, quite literally, as the name suggests. This means that all events within the Bible, all accounts of miracles, stories, the Flood, Moses ...view middle of the document...

This is shown in the Bible in Exodus, where God sends a plague upon Egypt and kills the first sons, yet not the Israelites. If this is true, this has serious implications for Christianity, one of which is the contradiction that God loves all equally. If God really does love everyone equally, surely by that logic he will treat everybody equally and perform miracles for everyone? Christianity and the Bible present God as an omnibenevolent being, however this proves to be difficult to accept as many questions are raised. I agree with Wiles in that this seems to be unjust and unloving, and a God who acts like this cannot be considered the all-loving Father in the holy Kingdom, thus how can it be true that God is all loving, yet performs “miracles” like these?
As a result, non-literalists would consider the fact that the Bible is archaic scripture written over the course of roughly 3500 years by 40 different authors. Not to mention the Bible was written in Hebrew and part of it in Greek. It’s logical to conclude therefore that with translation from Hebrew to Greek to English and many other languages translated differently by many people, it’s illogical to consider the events in the Bible to be accurate. As much as it is appealing to our humanity that somewhere we are to be taken into heaven when we die, that there is an eschatological reward and we will be resurrected or healed, but the simple fact is it is unlikely to be true given the...

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