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Evaluate The Findings From The Research Undertaken

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Grading Criteria D2 - Evaluate the findings from the research undertaken.
The research that we carried out worked well and we managed to get some solid results because we used four different research methods. They were primary research which was in the form of a questionnaire, secondary research which was in the form of a focus group, secondary research which was a competitor analysis and also secondary research to determine the size of the target market on a local, regional and national level. These four different methods of research allowed us to cover all of the objectives for the research which were:
• The strengths and weaknesses according to the 16-23 year old target audience
• The ...view middle of the document...

It took a while to create the questionnaire, then more time on top to hand it out, receive the responses and finally produce a table and graphs. The part of the process which was most difficult and time consuming was the collecting and analysing of the results. But even coming up with questions was time consuming as we had to come up with the questions from scratch and ensure they were not leading questions and so would have no bias. Handing out the questionnaires was time consuming as not everyone wanted to participate and some people took longer than other to fill them in, so at times it felt like we were waiting around. We tried as much as possible to reduce the time taken by each handing ten questionnaires out. As we already have the Dome at our disposal we found it best to use convenience sampling because everyone in the Dome should have been part of our target audience, therefore it was the easiest method to use and still gained relative responses and data. A questionnaire is used as part of a survey and this is the most commonly used method when doing market research at is it a very cost effective method and even though creation and analysis may be time consuming it does collect data quite quickly and so is usually time effective too.
The questionnaire we did was essential in getting the findings we did. The positives of the questionnaire in relation to the way it affected the findings was that it was unbiased and written to target the target market, this was because then the findings were not only made reliable but they also fitted the target age group. The questionnaire may have negatively affected the findings because some of the respondents weren’t truthful, some of them messed around and so any findings derived this way could be invalid and not representative of the actual opinions of the target market.
We then used a focus group in order to gain some more in depth qualitative data which would give opinions about Cadburys’ Twirl Bites, which helped us to see if these opinions supported the results from the questionnaire (meaning our research would be consistent and repeatable).
Our focus group was very cost effective and time effective because we already had the target market in our class and so we just used them. It was fast because it took no more than twenty minutes (to conduct the focus group and write down the opinions). I think this research was essential to help justify the mainly quantitative questionnaire data. From doing this we could give more than just findings, the focus group data allowed us to give conclusions and recommendations to Cadbury based on the actual opinions of their target market on Twirl Bites. We also had one person who watched the facial expressions of the people in the focus group because the information given would help us to see if the opinions given matched their facial expressions to rule out any demand characteristics (telling the researcher what they want to hear). A focus group was our only...

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