Evaluate The List Of 13 Benefits Of Training And Development, Pp. 291 – 292. Select The 4 That You Assess As Having The Highest Value To Employees And The Organization. Explain The Reason(S) For Each Selection

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Selecting four of the thirteen identified benefits of training and development is difficult in a general way without knowing the special issue a company, department or employee currently has.
If an employee for example prepares himself for an expatriate job in another country a cross-cultural training that improves expatriate adjustment and performance will help him (and his spouse) much more than a technical training.
Generally I would say benefit number 5. is a very important one. Often companies are offering trainings to employees who get in a new job, but even more important is training, especially practice that helps to maintain consistency in performance.
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Characteristics of the individual as well as the work environment are important influences before training (by affecting the motivation to participate), during training (by affecting learning), and after training (by influencing the transfer of learning and skills from the training situation to the job situation).
Admittedly some individual characteristics, such as trainability (i.e., the ability to learn the content of the training) and personality are difficult, if not impossible, for organizations to influence others, however, such as job or career attitudes, a person’s belief that he or she can learn the content of the training successfully, the attractiveness of training outcomes, and the work environment itself.
Surveys of corporate training and development practices consistently have found that four characteristics distinguish companies with the most effective training practices:
Top management is committed to training and development, training is part of the corporate culture.
Training is tied to business strategy and objectives and is linked to bottom-line results.
Organizational environments are feedback rich, they stress continuous improvement, promote risk-taking, offer one-on-one coaching and afford opportunities to learn from the successes and failures of decisions.
There is commitment to invest the necessary resources, to provide sufficient time and money for training.
Some businesses, small and large, shy away from training because they think that by upgrading the skills of the workforce, their employees will be more marketable to competitors. That is true. However, there is also an interesting paradox that affects both employee and employer. That is, if an employee takes charge of her own employability by keeping her skills updated and varied so she can work for anyone, she also builds more security with her currend employer – assuming the company values highly skilled, motivated employees.
At the same time, if a company...

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