Evaluate The Psychological And Biological Explanation Of Aggression

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One social psychological explanation of aggression is deindividuation theory. it proposes that when individuals are put into a ‘group or crowd setting’ then they lose their sense of individuality and take on a crowd mentality.this would allow them to behave in a way that would be unnatural if they were on their own, but as they would be an anonymous person, ‘a face in a crowd’, they would see themselves as being able to get away with the behaviour.

Milgram’s study has been very influential in this area due to the blind obedience shown in his electric shock study, because the ...view middle of the document...

loss of public self-awareness where individuals lose a sense that others are aware of them and that they are identifiable. Loss of public self-awareness leads to a loss of public standards, loss of private self-awareness where the individual loses their own sense of awareness of themselves. Loss of private self-awareness leads to a loss of internal standards and hence an over-reliance on environmental cues, for example others in the crowd.
Zimbardo found, in a replication of Milgarm’s shock study, that hooded and anonymous, and therefore deindividuated, participants were more likely to shock other participants than those who were identifiable. This suggests that anonymity would appear to contribute to aggressive behaviour

Aggression is as a form of anti social behaviour, showing a lack of emotional concern for the welfare of others, Furthermore, it appears in many forms, verbal, physical, symbolic or injurious with the environment, personal beliefs and individual’s society mediating its nature.

behaviour acquired is genetically inherited to some extent. In addition, other research has shown increased aggressive behaviour to be associated with testosterone

he difficulty is when trying to measure and control this behaviour because it is quite impossible to reproduce aggression in a laboratory

Aggression is acting in a manner with the intention of hurting another person to whom the behavior is directed. These actions may be verbal or physical and they occur suddenly with no apparent reason or they can result from a frustrating situation. There are three theories that attempt to explain aggressive behavior. The first one explains that aggression is an instinct which was developed by Sigmund Freud stating that people instinctively direct anger towards others to avoid aggressing against themselves. The second theory states that aggression is stimulated by external sources, the stimuli being frustration while the third one states that aggression is a learned behavior

Biological Factors
According to Sigmund Freud,This theory suggests that aggression will build up whether or not there is an outside source to provoke it until in the end, it results to aggressive behavior. Sometimes people are able to suppress their aggression because they have other survival instincts and when these instincts are present, they are able to put their aggressive instincts under control
Hormonal imbalance
Hormonal imbalance in the body can contribute to aggressive behaviors in individuals. High levels of testosterone are associated with aggression in all species. Generally, there are high levels of testosterone in males and this explains why males are more aggressive than females.
Genetically influenced
Aggressive behaviors are believed to be inherited thus being passed on from generation to generation . This has been witnessed where both a father and son display aggressive behaviors. Genes influence personality and trait disorders thus...

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