Evaluate The View That Present Day Lifestyle Is Largely Responsible For Increasing Levels Of Obesity In The Uk. How And To What Extent Is Diet A Contributing Factor?

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Evaluate the view that present day lifestyle is largely responsible for increasing levels of obesity in the UK. How and to what extent is diet a contributing factor?

Obesity is one of the biggest health crisis’ affecting the UK at present. The UK has one of the highest obesity rates in the world, coming in only second next to America and number one in Europe. To say that the present day lifestyle is largely responsible for increasing the levels of obesity in the UK is quite ambiguous as there are other contributing factors as to why people become obese and why it has increased in the past few years. Over the past eight years there has been a noticeable increase in obesity rates; in 1993 ...view middle of the document...

When you look at the media, everyone you see is thin, active and healthy which has developed into a lifestyle of its own where people are trying to be like their favourite celebrity. Therefore helping the point that some people are trying to be healthier and get active.

However, there are other causes behind obesity, such as medical and genetic conditions. Some of the medical conditions that can cause excess weight gain are ‘Cushing’s syndrome’ (a rare disorder that causes steroid hormones to over-produce). Another reason could be an underactive thyroid gland (where the gland does not produce enough thyroxin) which can in some cases cause you to gain excessive weight. There is also a rare genetic condition that does cause obesity, it’s called ‘Prader-Willi syndrome’ (PWS). People with PWS face a number of challenges, one of them being that in childhood, the person will show an increase in appetite which can lead to over eating which would eventually lead to life threatening obesity. Adding to this, certain medicine can have the side-effect of weight gain, these include some corticosteroids and antidepressants; weight gain could also be the side-effect of combining taking the contraceptive pill and quitting smoking. Although not all of these are a direct line to obesity, all of them do contribute to the weight gain that leads to obesity.

Diet does appear to be a big contributing factor to obesity in the UK as our diet controls our weigh; however, how active a person is also a contributing factor to obesity. However, over the last few years, politicians and Jamie Oliver has been working to make the diet of children more healthier and in this new school year (September 2013) that has finally happened as what children are allowed to have in their packed lunches is being controlled in Primary schools where the child isn’t allowed any sugary treats or drinks that are high in sugars, this way children will get into the habit of eating healthier which they will hopefully carry forward into their life. However, just because children are starting to eat healthier, does not mean that the rates of obesity will reduce; some children are still not getting as much exercise as they need and will instead sit in front of the television or computer. However, the government is...

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