Evaluate What Determines The International Success Of Hotel Companies And Recommend, With Justification, Which Hotel Company Is The Most Successful In Managing Internationally

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Evaluate what determines the international success of hotel companies and recommend, with justification, which hotel company is (or is likely to be) most successful in managing internationally.

According to the press release of Reuters (David, 2009), the latest financial crisis which took place in 2007, is considered by many economists to be the worst financial crisis since 1930s. Due to its characteristic of global impact, almost all of the businesses in the world had suffered serious lost or even the bankruptcy as the worst. Inevitably, the hotel industry has suffered varying degrees of lost on profitability during this difficult time. However, it is unfair to ignore the effort that ...view middle of the document...

Its findings suggested that the two important contextual variables which have a bearing on the franchise decisions are the key stakeholders of the organization and different country markets. In addition, decisions with regard to franchising are driven by capital market systems trying to meet the demands of shareholders and also by a strong desire to protect the core competences to meet the expectations of international customers. The growth through franchising mode however faces strong cultural challenges in different hotel markets in Europe. The paper was conducted on a single case study basis, with the hotel industry chosen as its focus the applicability of the research findings to other industries is therefore debatable. The findings are also limited to franchisors versus firms pursuing other growth strategies. This paper illuminates the socio-cultural challenges international service organizations face, and highlights the types of practices required to enable growth through franchising in different country markets. Considering its contribution on the subject, the paper investigated a franchise decision-making process and examines different factors that interact and exert influence on each other while a service organization decides to choose the most appropriate franchise project. The paper identifies the key stages and the variables to the process that could be verified in the future.

Ayon, B. and Moreo, P.J. (2008). Does national culture affect hotel managers’ approach to business strategy?, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 20(1), 7-18.

The paper’s purpose is to empirically examine the potential impact of the cultural dimension of power distance on hotel managers' approach to business strategy development. A survey was administered to hotel top managers in four countries, namely, the USA, Thailand, Malaysia, and Turkey. Its questionnaire measured several aspects of strategy-making process that are subject to differences in culture. Four research questions were answered using analysis of variance. The results were less supportive to the proposed relationships in each of the research questions, which predicted that managers from varied power distance cultures would exhibit varied degrees of participative style, openness to strategic change, formality of strategic control, and people-focused orientation when setting strategic goals. Its limitation is the generalization of the findings. It is limited due to the non-response bias that could not be assessed in the present study, and the reliance on self-report data. It suggested that hotel managers engaging in international alliances, affiliations, joint ventures, and other forms of collaboration with other managers in other countries should be less concerned about their counterparts' differences in strategic behavior and philosophy. This study began to fill in the gap in the literature identified by previous researchers by providing empirical support for...

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