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Evaluating National Environmental Health Association’s (Neha) Performance Management

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A mission statement is what defines an organization’s reason for existing and is the foundation for everything they do (Aguinis, 2009). Furthermore, the vision statement is where the organization desires to be in the future (Cady, Wheeler, DeWolf, & Brodke, 2011). Therefore, it is important to make sure that the organization has a good mission and vision statement that is clear and concise. According to Aguinis (2009), an ideal mission and vision statement booth have eight different characteristics. The mission statement must describe what they do, their market, their unique benefits, what technology they use, concern for their survival, managerial philosophy, what public image they ...view middle of the document...

It does not give any information on how that will be accomplished, how they are unique from other organizations that offer similar services, or what the specific desired outcomes are. The mission statement does however, suggest that their organization will improve the health and well-being of everyone on the planet. This is a common mistake for non-profit organizations according to Meehan (2008), in that their mission statements suggest that they can conquer world hunger or other grand missions even though they have limited resources. The mission statement assists organizations to formulate goals, objectives and measure performance and outcomes (Gary, 2004). Therefore, NEHA’s mission is not serving its purpose in guiding the organization and staff on how to use resources to achieve their goals and objectives. In addition, the organization has no vision statement so staff does not know where the organization is planning to go in the future. While NEHA has no vision statement, they do have a strategic plan that can guide employees on the organization’s direction. However, NEHA’s strategic plan is that they have no plan so that they can change directions easily. While being agile and able to adapt quickly is good, their strategic plan is not meeting their objective in driving where the association is going in the future since they do not have a direction to go in the first place.

Since NEHA’s mission statement is lacking so many characteristics’ of an ideal mission statement it cannot be used to link individual or team performance to organizational goals or objectives. A common phrase that Dossenbach (2001, p. 43) applied to an organization’s vision was “if you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there.” This is definitely an issue for NEHA since they don’t have a vision for the organization at all. The vision is developed after the mission statement to guide the organization in where they want to be in the future. Since NEHA has no vision for the future, then employees are left to guess what actions to take based on what they think the future should be for the organization. This creates problems for the organization since there is no consistant mission, goal, or objective and employees are all taking differ paths to reach their desired outcome that may or may not be in the best interest for the organization. Finally, without a strong mission and vision, it is difficult if not impossible to develop a performance management system since there is nothing to align employee job descriptions to goals and performance.

In the past, nonprofits prided themselves on being free of commercialism and above such sordid considerations as profits and the bottom line (Speckbacher, 2003). However, non-profits are starting to realize they need performance management even more than business since they lack the discipline gained from having a bottom line. Systems and processes in a process management system are used to...

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