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Evaluating Survey Data Collection Methods Essay

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Marketing Research, 7/E (Burns/Bush)
Chapter 7 Evaluating Survey Data Collection Methods

1) Which of the following is NOT part of the definition of survey?
A) interviews
B) large number
C) predesigned questionnaires
D) respondents
E) computer
Answer: E
Difficulty: Moderate
Objective: 1
Question type: Concept
Course LO: Compare and contrast data collection methods

2) Which of the following is an advantage to the use of survey methods?
A) standardization
B) high response rates
C) nonsuitability to tabulation and statistical analysis
D) unique answers for each respondent
E) very low cost
Answer: A
Difficulty: Moderate
Objective: 1
Question type: Concept
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B) They are more expensive.
C) They are prone to errors.
D) They are rigid, not adaptable.
E) Respondents may fear interview evaluation.
Answer: D
Difficulty: Moderate
Objective: 2
Question type: Concept
Course LO: Compare and contrast data collection methods

9) Which of the following is NOT an advantage of computer-administered surveys?
A) ability to develop rapport with the respondent
B) speed
C) error-free interviewing
D) use of pictures, videos, and graphics
E) possible cost savings
Answer: A
Difficulty: Moderate
AACSB: Use of IT
Objective: 2
Question type: Concept
Course LO: Compare and contrast data collection methods

10) Interview evaluation refers to:
A) an evaluation of the quality of the interviews by an editor.
B) an evaluation of the interviews by the client/manager.
C) an overall procedure for evaluating the quality of the entire interview process.
D) respondent anxieties caused by the presence of an interviewer.
E) interviewer anxieties caused by the interview procedure.
Answer: D
Difficulty: Hard
Objective: 2
Question type: Concept
Course LO: Compare and contrast data collection methods

11) The primary disadvantage of computer-administered surveys is that:
A) real-time data capture is error-prone.
B) because the data is entered directly into the computer, interview evaluation time is limited.
C) costs of design, programming, debugging, and set up are high.
D) a limited number of people have access to computers.
E) technology anxiety is common.
Answer: C
Difficulty: Moderate
AACSB: Use of IT
Objective: 2
Question type: Concept
Course LO: Compare and contrast data collection methods

12) Which of the following is NOT an advantage of self-administered surveys?
A) reduced cost
B) respondent can control the pace of the survey
C) no interviewer apprehension
D) considerable interviewer-evaluation apprehension
E) respondents may be more honest without an interviewer
Answer: D
Difficulty: Hard
Objective: 2
Question type: Concept
Course LO: Compare and contrast data collection methods

13) Which is true regarding a disadvantage of self-administered surveys?
A) Because interviewers are not present, evaluation of the interview is impossible.
B) The primary burden of respondent understanding is placed upon the questionnaire.
C) The primary burden of respondent understanding is placed upon the field editor.
D) Respondents feel anxious because they control the administration process.
E) Respondents interpret the questions themselves so the questionnaire can be somewhat vague.
Answer: B
Difficulty: Moderate
AACSB: Communication Abilities
Objective: 2
Question type: Concept
Course LO: Compare and contrast data collection methods

14) One of the main advantages of browser-based mobile data collection is that:
A) data can be collected from any region of the world.
B) virtually every mobile device worldwide supports SMS as a single global...

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