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My intention for my exam piece was to continue my work on the human form that I had explored within my personal investigation but apply it to the Mythology question within my exam. Because I wanted to retain my focus on the human figure I focused my work on exploring elements and creatures within mythology that carried similar characteristics and features, e.g. mermaids, sirens, gods and others which also carry animalistic elements such as the Minotaur and Faun. However unlike my personal investigation I was unsure in the beginning as to whether I wanted to continue my focus just on the female form or develop my work further into male representations.
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During my initial ideas for my piece I was still unsure of what colours I was going to use as I had not done enough development yet into what element of mythology I wished to explore.
I began my exam unit by exploring the human form a little further, retouching on previous work on the female form and a brief but in depth look into the male body structure and face. It was important to look at the face as it is always featured within presentations of Greek/Roman/Pagan mythology. The first example that I looked at that included the male form was that of the Green Man which took the male face and incorporated leaves and other elemental factors into the design. Tawny Gray’s piece ‘Green Man’ 2010 was highly inspiring for this as the sculpture itself had not only taken element from nature but has leaves and branches incorporated into the design. By creating a miniature of the Green Man face I became aware of the level of detail that was needed to create the face and it presented a challenge to me in the beginning. Other artists such as Barbara Foster’s “The Great God Pan” and Sophie Ryder’s “The Minotaur” also inspired me to take element from within the element that the creature belonged to. Because of the inspiration from the green man I attempted to slip cast leaves as a means of developing a way of incorporating the natural surroundings. Although the leaves were very fragile once fired the delicate beauty of them and level of detail the clay had captured concreted my idea to include some kind of mould or print of the natural world within my final piece.
By now I was aware that I wanted to maintain the focus of my final piece within classic Greek/Roman mythology as it is a period of history that has always fascinated me not only through the fine detail of the marble sculptures but also the strength of spiritual belief in gods and the legends that surround them. I began by looking at artistic representation of my favourite Greek/Roman god Poseidon/Neptune. I have always had an interest with this god from stories such as the Little Mermaid and a fascination with the sea. By starting here it gave my investigation a little more of a personal link. Despite...

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