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Evaluation Of An Existing Health Essay

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Background information of the region
Borlean region exists within Australia that has features that reflect a rural setting. The place is located in area that has mountains and a neighboring coastline. The area is identical with farming activities that include dairy farming. The area has a sea port that is significant in ensuring the entry of products in the region. Administratively, the area is divided into three sections in the northern area which include: Oldorando, Matrassyl and Sunkist. The southern part consists of Ottasol and other neighboring farms that extend to the mountainous regions. This region is purely an agricultural area with almost a third of the land being under rural and ...view middle of the document...

Situational analysis
This paper concentrates on investigating the situational analysis of the health system within Borlein region in order to give a framework to the local health department board that will be used for health planning within the Borlein region in Australia. () indicates that in regard to situational analysis, health system planners should consider the existing external and internal factors that affect the performance of a health system.
External factors in Borlein health system
External factors in regard to a health system of a particular place relate to the situations that are existent and they have influence to the functioning of the health system and there are minimal efforts that one can use to prevent the existence of such factors. The following is an analysis on the influence of external factors that affect the health planning initiatives within the Borlein region.
The area has various sources of employment that range from agricultural activities, fishing, tourism and service related activities. However, in the case study it is indicated that the other centers within this region experience increased rates of unemployment except Ottasal. The youth in the society fall within that population that is highly affected by higher rates of unemployment. In Oldorando which is the areas within region with higher number of unemployed youths there have been increased cases of drug and alcohol abuse. Drug and alcohol abuse among the youths indicates that there must be the presence of rehabilitation centers that will prevent over-dependency on these substances. Additionally, Oldorando also experiences increased number of adults who want to seek psychiatric related matters. The indication here is that the board should ensure that areas such Oldorando have psychiatric therapists in order to respond to the existing issues among the adults. In the case study, it is indicated that most families are asking for food from church based organizations. The indication here is that a sustain number of the population in this region is under the risk of malnutrition related diseases. Therefore, there should be mechanisms to address diseases that arise from malnutrition. Considering that the coastal towns offer employment through fishing, the board should consider designing methods that will be helpful in combating waterborne diseases.
Population distribution
In this region, most people prefer staying in rural urban areas and main and coastal towns. There has been increasing migration of people towards urban and rural urban areas presumably because of unemployment. This situation therefore indicates that there will be more pressure towards health facilities within the rural urban...

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