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Examination of Clinical Psychology
Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates were some of the Greek philosophers represent the early philosophers, Sigmund Freud, to Kurt Lewin are responsible for the rich history leading to clinical psychology, which has roots in science and various realms of information. Research and science continue to change, and improve clinical psychology with new empirical evidence supporting treatment for individuals seeking psychological assistance. Clinical psychology and other psychological disciplines goals are to help individuals improve his or her quality of life.
History of Clinical Psychology
The Greeks began connecting the human mind and body illnesses while ...view middle of the document...

Freud‘s work involving psychoanalytic thought is the basis and goal for clinical psychology and meeting individual needs (Brown, 1940).
The nineteenth and twentieth centuries were important eras in psychology because the first psychological clinic was founded by Wilhelm Wundt a German psychologist and researcher in 1879. In 1890 William James’s work came to the forefront with the publication of Principles of Psychology, and the American Psychological Association was established, and Witmer opened his clinic despite of skeptic colleagues relating to his application of psychological principles and physical illness (Plante, 2011). Clinical psychologists were in demand during World War I and II, because of their work relating to psychological assessments and for psychological services necessary for a vast number of returning veterans and their psychiatric issues. Conferences in Boulder, and Vale, Colorado, led to the development of new methods and guidelines relating to educating clinical psychologists in the twentieth century. The new model of treatment for mental illnesses for use by psychologist, which George Engel created, relates to the connection of physical and psychological illnesses, and the requirements for effective treatment occurred toward the end of the twentieth century (Plante, 2011).
Evolving Nature of Clinical Psychology
Clinical psychology continues to evolve through the use of the scientific method, and a close association with modern medicine and neuroscience, which continues to discover new information regarding the brain. The research of the brain in relation to thought and behavior is constantly providing new and empirical evidence valuable to clinical psychology and treatment of mental illness (Kazdin, 2008). The information that research provides for the advances in treatment is paramount for clinical psychology. Contemporary clinical psychology uses the scientific research for a better understanding of the ever-evolving human mind, and providing the best care for the patient.
Research and Statistics Role
Research is an evolving nature, which is the avenue that provides science with the information and answers for learning while building the framework for clinical psychology. Research is vital to clinical psychology because it strengthens the therapeutic techniques while improving the individual’s life and provides the more effective diagnosis and treatment in relation to human behavior (Plante, 2011).
The scientific method provides researchers the statistics necessary in determining the value of information and whether it is useful or beneficial to a large environment or group of individuals. The use of the scientific method by clinical psychologists provides important evidence that assist in developing critical thinking skills benefiting research and clinical settings, and knowledge...

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