Evaluation Of Existing Human Resource Planning Process In Sales Division Of Beacon Pharmaceuticals Limited

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Beacon pharmaceuticals limited

Business Strategy for 2012

1. Total number of field force

Field force recruitment & retention will get more emphasis so that average number of field forces will remain approximately at 500 throughout the year for general team.

2. Strategic Business Unit

We will run four strategic business units simultaneously from the beginning of the year. These are General, Oncology, Cardiac and Biotech Sales team. For General team average number of field forces will be 450 throughout the year. For Oncology team average number of field forces will be 20 averages throughout the year. However based on performance we will divide the ...view middle of the document...

6. New MIO posting consideration:

New MIO should be posted considering the following two parameters-

a) Prescription Market &

b) Sales Potential

c) Within 50 KM of his home district

7. Special incentive scheme for field forces throughout the year:

To encourage the field forces & to keep them motivated, throughout the year new & special incentive policies will be taken setting different criteria.

8. Utmost importance for employee development:

Training calendar will be introduced to provide training throughout the year for sales skill

development, effecting team building & leadership development.

9. In house promotion will be always preferred.

In house promotion will be rewarded for the competent personnel & manpower hiring should be discouraged in all levels as much as possible. However if we find competent personnel we will try to hire any one.

10. Regular field visit plan for H/O personnel (At least 4 days in a month):

PMD personnel will go for field visit on regular basis to observe the market scenario as well as to enhance customer relationship.

11. New product based on market potentiality and first time introducer:

New product will be introduced in every month to increase our product range. PMD will search new potential molecule with vast business opportunity & will try to be pioneer.

12. Performance evaluation:

Regional Performance will be measured mainly on Per MIO productivity, cash sales (%), manpower turn over. However there will be some KPI (Key Performance Index) for each Regional Manager. They will have to meet that in all aspect.

13. Promotional strategy mainly based on CME, Scientific seminar and gift based: As our main focus is mainly in indoor so our promotional strategy is mainly based on CME, and scientific seminar based.

14. Regular refresher course for MIO’s:

To improve product knowledge & detailing competence, refresher course will be

offered for MIOs on regular basis.

15. Delivery cost (2.5%) and return (6%): We will try to reduce our distribution cost as maximum as e can. However we will finalize our target as Delivery cost 2.5% and return 6%.

16. Regular survey report by MIS department:

Individual & region wise prescription report will be analyzed to know the present

position of beacon’s products to the doctors.

17. PMD should be more field oriented and target oriented:

PMD personnel will know his brand’s position in each region of Bangladesh & will be directly involved with the field through regular field visit, regular communication with field forces, customer relation build up etc. He/she will set target where he/she wants to see his/her brand & will develop strategy accordingly to create a vibration for his/her brand in the...

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