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Evalution Of Qr Codes Essay

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Explanatory Notes – You should read these before filling in your proposal (Please do not hand these notes in with your form )

The project summary is an indication of your intent to carry out a project in a certain field of discipline for a Masters level module.

The project must be mindful of and demonstrate EACH of the following learning outcomes

1. Apply intellectual rigor to a topic area or subject that is of interest to the student and relevant to the programme of study undertaken at a Masters level.
2. Conceptualise and articulate a particular area of research or industry requirement in the body of a coherent, comprehensive and logically argued professional report.
3. ...view middle of the document...

This document can form the basis of allocation of staff to your project. This summary document will then be further worked for detail through a Project Proposal document, which will be similar to the document prepared in the study skills module.

Notes on the document fields

General Subject Area (with Keywords)
A broad topic area that defines the area of project and keywords that could be used in a search facility

Topic areas for Engineering it could be : Contract management, Engineering management, Engineering strategy, Entrepreneur and innovation , Finance / Decision making and risk, HRM, ICT, Lean management or operations, Manufacturing (/ simulation), Marketing, Production management, Project Management, Quality management, Supply Chain Management, Telecoms/ ICT, Vehicle Engineering design, material technology, environmentally sustainable, innovation, automation, Technology etc

Topic areas for KM could be : Strategy, Logistics, Management, Business Intelligence, project management, Ecommerce, Mcommerce, Quality, Networks, Software development, Health and IT etc.

Keywords could be any list of words that could be used in locating your project in a library database search facility.

Proposed Subject Title
A proposed title of the project, succinct and clear as to the project undertaken

Eg Feasibility of …, How Lean principles in Large scale companies can be applied to …, A case study of the barriers and triggers for Ghana to adopt WAP, etc

Brief Project scope and abstract
The background about the project, topic, company, situation and overall summary as to the nature of problem and what is required.

This would explain the aim of the project and put it into context /setting the scene. If you have a client then this is mentioned with their relevance to the project. This is really a mini-executive summary of the whole project, with considerations to the scope/ boundaries.

Project Objectives
List overall objectives of the project listing approx 7-10. These should be measurable and will be used in part assessment in determining the level of achievement of the project.

These can be a breakdown of what you are trying to achieve and can be representative of activities/ phases that are to be conducted in arriving at the project deliverables. Words such as acquire, identify, evaluate, conduct , develop, demonstrate, analyse etc could be used. These should reflect the Learning outcomes of the Module for example :

1.  Research the principles / background / impact of chosen subject matter in terms of either engineering or ICT, regionally, nationally and or globally.
2.  Conduct GAP/ PESTLE/ SWOT analysis and define some strategic positioning to provide context to the subject matter.
3.  Identify appropriate case studies to analyse in respect of primary and secondary research for comparison and contrast; these can be regional, national and/or global case studies.

4.  Evaluate triggers and barriers of...

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