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Event Essay

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Evan Nakashige English 1A, Smith 5 October 2008 For Grandpa Finally, it was day one of the five dreaded days. Besides the fact that my toe would be hurting, at that time in my life, I was going through a minor case of social anxiety. It wasn’t anything I was diagnosed with, but nonetheless,knew it was there. I didn’t have many friends in Hawaii besides my cousins, and I wasn’t one to approach someone and strike up a conversation about what I considered nonsense. A lot of the time I felt I was, not necessarily “better,” but felt like I knew everything and nobody could tell me anything I already knew; that was my attitude going in. It was not a good start. It is the reason why I ...view middle of the document...

I would always look up in the stands to see what it was my grandpa was looking at on the field. It seemed as if watching kids run drills and practice fascinated him. He looked as if he was sitting on the Waikiki beach are with his sunglasses, towel, and cooler. The fact that he was watching me was always in the back of my head, and it made me put forth a bit more effort than I would have otherwise. I would pat myself on the back when I made a good play or hit, because all I wanted to do in the end was make him proud. Nothing would make him happier than seeing me excel in something he put so much effort into himself. My “team” consisted of about 15 players, and there were about 700 people in all. I developed a close friendship with my team coach, Kenny Renner, who is now a former center fielder for the University of Hawaii. He’d talk to me as if I were a friend, not just someone who he has to train for five days then get rid of. He took the time to show me the right way to do things and corrected meif he saw me doing them wrong. In turn, I would ask more questions, to make him feel as if I were curious and intrigued, which I mostly was. It was the patience and persistence and dedication he had that intrigued me. Those three words sort of go hand in hand. They are three words that really describe baseball in general. Baseball is a game of patience, persistence, and dedication. These virtues, if fully exerted, will take one very far no matter how much natural talent one was born with. When it was the end of the five-day camp, it came time to give out awards. There were about 40 or 50 different awards given such as best hitter, MVP, best outfielder, etc. They simply read the award name, then the player’s name. Thenthe player walked up to the front to receive it. At the very end of the ceremony they mentioned the “Outstanding Camper’s Award” and spent about what seemed like an hour elaborating on it...

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