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Events Leading To American Independence Essay

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Coercive Acts/Intolerable Acts (1774)They were harsh actions that were made to keep the colonists in check. The Coercive Acts did not make the colonists very happy. The Coercive Acts included: closing Boston Harbor and they made them pay for the tea that they dumped in the harbor. They also reminded them of the quartering act which forced colonists to give British soldiers a home and a hot meal when they wanted. The last action they did was removed all town meetings they have. These actions made the colonists turn against Britain even more.Continental Congress (1774)They first met in Philadelphia. They had 56 delegates for the continental congress. Every colony besides Georgia sent ...view middle of the document...

They won the French and Indian War. After the war Britain decided to raise the taxes by a lot. This was one of the many catalysts of the Declaring Independence from Britain. This made even more people join the side with the colonists because of the tax raises. They all wanted the taxes repealed. So they boycotted buying all foods that had a big tax on them. They even boycotted some of the very simple everyday life foods that you must have. They added many other taxes for Tea that was raised in tax by double.Tea Act (1773)The British gave East India Tea Company the right to ship tea to the colonists without paying tax on the imports. Then the British bought too much tea from the East India Tea Company without having the colonists buy enough tea. When the colonists boycotted the tea the British had to put a very high tax on the tea so they would not be in a deficit. They monopolized the colonists. The Declaration of Independence (1776)The Declaration of Independence was considered illegal at the time. If they had not won the war they would be charged with treason and probably killed. The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th 1776. It had 55 signatures on it and had four parts. Part one of the Declaration of Independence was the preamble. Part two is the list of grievances. Part three is the natural rights. Part four was the resolution of independence. Thomas Jefferson signed his name first and he signed it as big as he could so the king could see it without his glasses. It is now stored in the Washington DC national archives.Olive Branch Petition (1775)The Olive Branch Petition was a letter to the King of Britain. The King did not even open the letter. The king believed that is was another request. Instead of reading the letter, the king prepared for war. He hired some of the meanest warriors...

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