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Every Rose Has A Thorn Essay

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Sometimes we all can feel trapped in the day to day monotony of life. In something as simple as an hour that can all change. In The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin a young woman reflects on the information of her husband’s death symbolizing a surprisingly ironic mixture of misery and liberation. The basic idea of this story is the oppression a young woman faces in her marriage. This short but touching story is written about one hour in this young woman’s life, in the last decade of the nineteenth century, where her emotions are far from definite.
The story opens with the fact that Mrs. Mallard has been diagnosed with a heart condition before this story takes place. The heart condition plays ...view middle of the document...

Mallard shows her feelings changing as she would like to be alone with her thoughts. She sinks into the chair facing the open window the “physical exhaustion that haunted her body and seemed to reach her soul” (Chopin 293) is the next stage in her emotional epiphany, signifying the feeling of weight upon her. New spring life signifies that she is entering the next stage of her emotional epiphany where she is realizing new life. The “delicious breath of rain” (Chopin 293) seems to start to relief the pressure previously felt by her husband’s death.
The narrator describes the lines on Mrs. Mallards face to represent repression and strength. Suspension of intelligent thought is used to describe the look in her eyes, showing that feeling a person may get when they just want to shut down. She starts to get a feeling that she did not expect, it seems to reach out and grab her. “Her bosom rose and fell tumultuously,” (Chopin 294) suggesting she is feeling a sliver of happiness and in confusion her heart sank, she does not know how to process her feelings of happiness and sorrow together. When she gives into her feelings she states “free, free, free!” which is showing the moment she is experiencing the feeling of independence.
Mrs. Mallard does not dismiss the fact that she is upset about the death of her husband by knowing she will cry again at his funeral. She refers to his hands as kind and tender, and his face that looked upon her with love, as not to discount the fact that he was indeed a part of her life that she will miss. Mrs. Mallard looks past the brief moment of sadness on to her many years of freedom and independence. She is excited that for the rest of her life she can live for herself not to serve a husband, as women were expected to do in that day and time. The statement “men and women believe they have a right to impose a private will upon a fellow-creature” (Chopin 294) shows the views this woman had on marriage. She feels trapped in society’s view of a woman and in this hour she had been freed from the toil of her impetuous choice to marry.

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