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Every Summer Holiday Essay

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Every summer holiday, when we go back home to England, it's always the same routine. We will arrive at Heathrow airport, and my mum will search for a pay phone. She will then call my grandfather, and make a conservative estimate of when we will arrive at his house. While she is making this all-important call, the rest of us will hunt out our baggage on the baggage claim. When this is finished, we will proceed to the information desk for whichever car rental company is the cheapest that year, and the assistant behind the desk will be away. My Dad will use the phone provided to call the rental headquarters, and they will tell us which bus to use, to get to the pick-up point. We will then traipse outside into the cold (freezing ...view middle of the document...

After we get to the rent-a-car depot, we will always spend far longer getting the details worked out than expected. After the car has been checked over, we will discover another scratch on the bumper. We will report this to the man at the exit, and drive back to 'Grandad's House'. On the car journey, my brother's and I will have our noses in our books, but be told to look around and enjoy the sights, that never change, and that we see every year. As soon as we get close, we will start looking out for the familiar shops, and shout out, "I know where we are!"When we finally arrive, there he'll be, smiling and exactly the same as ever, standing in the porch doorway. We will unload the luggage, and haul it into the narrow hall. As we drag the wheeled suitcases, they leave treads in the thick, faded, pink carpet. The carpet was put in by our grandmother, who died before I was born, and smells slightly musty, as it should do, being twenty years old. It is also full of crumbs and whatnot, which has not been picked up by the vacuum cleaner. When we go into the front room, our grandfather will bring in mugs of Earl Gray tea for the adults, and Cadbury's hot chocolate for the younger ones, along with a plate of freshly made flapjacks, and a bowl of cherries. My parents will sit on the longer sofa by the window, and my Grandad will sit in his chair facing the television, while we kids will lie on the floor, making designs in the carpet with our fingers. Mum and Dad will boast about our achievements during the year, and Grandad will admire us. Then it's upstairs, to the smallest room, to fold out the futon and crash after the long trip.Good Night!

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