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Everyday Exposure To Pop Culture Essay

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{text:bookmark-start} My Everyday Exposure to Popular Culture {text:bookmark-end}
My life consist of popular culture in many different ways, I use all types of artifacts daily. The artifacts I use daily have a big impact on my life because to me they are very important in my everyday living. The most important artifacts are my cell phone, internet, and the television, which I use for pleasure and entertainment. I use other artifacts like the microwave, dryer, and 24 hour stores for my convenience. I use these artifacts to help make my life much easier.
I watch television 85% of the day, I wake up and the first thing I do is turn on the television. I get a pleasure out of watching ...view middle of the document...

I do so much with my cell phone, I’m lost without it. I use my cell phone for convenience and pleasure because if I’m stranded I can call for help, or I can go on face book and chat.
Having the convenience of a 24 hour gas station is great you might have to spend a little extra, but you don’t have to drive far and they are on just about every corner. I usually use 24 hour gas stations when I run out of cigarettes late at night, or if I just want something to snack on. I don’t gas up because it’s dangerous, so I wait until later on that morning when more people are out. I love the 24 hour Wal-Mart, I can go shopping in the early mornings without worrying about a big crowds in the store and long lines. What I like most about Wal-Mart I can get everything I need, one stop shop.
I rather have a dryer than a washing machine because I can wash some clothes on my hand and put them in the dryer. Sometimes, I accidentally spill juices and food on my clothes, with the convenience of the dryer; I wash the stain out and put it in the dryer for a few minutes. When something is dirty and I don’t want to wear it that day, having a dryer I just wash it on my hands and put it in the dryer. I like how clothes smell after you take them out of the dryer a lot of times when I hang dry certain things I can’t smell the fabric softener.
In my house the microwave is being used constantly. I use the microwave daily for popping popcorn, heating up leftovers, and preparing meals. The microwave is a convenience because a lot times I don’t have to turn on the stove, which heats the house up. I have learned how...

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