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Evidence Base Practice Essay

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Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines are a potential vehicle to achieve the implementation of EBP into clinical practice.
Implementing change in practice has been attempted by a number of direct and indirect methods Implementation depends on clinicians and managers changing a variety of behaviours, and there have been more than 300 evaluations of interventions to improve implementation - Grimshaw JM, Thomas RE, Maclennan G, Fraser C, Ramsay C, Vale L, Whitty P, Eccles MP, Matowe L, Shirran L, Wensing M, Dijkstra R, Donaldson C: Effectiveness and efficiency of guideline dissemination strategies. Health Technology Assessment 2004, 8:1-84.
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Strategies cited in the literature to enable clinical staff to overcome some of the common barriers of research
utilization were also included. These were to make staff more aware of relevant research findings (Hutchinson and Johnson, 2004; Rassool, 2005); and to improve their knowledge of the research process and the skills to access, understand, critically evaluate and implement research findings (McCaughan et al, 2002; Hutchinson and Johnson, 2004; Rassool, 2005). Two more items were added, which were to organize and run
workshops on site to help staff learn or update their research knowledge and skills, and to ensure they are informed of courses and workshops on research methods run by the university concerned.

A draft questionnaire was formulated and scrutinized by five link teachers to improve its validity. Some minor changes were made before the final questionnaire (see Box 1) was distributed to both clinical managers and nurse and midwifery lecturers. The questionnaires with a covering letter explaining the purpose, rationale and potential benefits of the proposed study, including the guarantee of confidentiality and anonymity, were sent to the nurse and midwifery lecturers by internal mail. All the clinical managers received the questionnaires and the covering letter with a self-addressed envelope by external post.

journal clubs provide the opportunity for practitioners to be aware of the latest research in their fields, and at the same time enhance their knowledge. There is sufficient evidence in the literature to suggest that journal clubs can enhance the development of critical appraisal skills when research papers are reviewed (Khalid and Gee, 1999)....

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