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Evolution Of Banking Essay

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Evolution of Banking

Banking activities were sufficiently important in Babylonia in the second millennium B.C. that written standards of practice were considered necessary. These standards were part of the Code of Hammurabi – the earliest known formal laws. Obviously, these primitive banking transactions were very different in many ways to their modern-day counterparts. Deposits were not of money but of cattle, grain or other crops and eventually precious metals. Nevertheless, some of the basic concepts underlying today’s banking system were present in these ancient arrangements. A wide range of deposits was accepted, loans were made, and borrowers paid interest to lenders

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The Medici had a long history as money changers, but it was Giovanni who moved the business from a green-covered table in the market place into the hall of a palace he had built for himself. He expanded the scope of the business and established branches of the bank as far north as London. While the Medici bank extended the usual loans to merchants and royals, it also enjoyed the distinction of being the main banker for the Pope. Papal business earned higher profits for the bank than any of its other activities and was the main driving force behind the establishment of branches in other Italian cities and across Europe. Much of the international business of the medieval banks was carried out thorough the use of bills of exchange. At the simplest level, this involved a creditor providing local currency to the debtor in return for a bill stating that a certain amount of another currency was payable at a future date – often at the next big international fair. Because of the church prohibition on directly charging interest, the connection between banking and trade was essential. The bankers would take deposits in one city, make a loan to someone transporting goods to another city, and then take repayment at the destination. The repayment was usually in a different currency, so it could easily incorporate what is essentially an interest payment, circumventing the church prohibitions.

During the 17th and 18th centuries the Dutch and British improved upon Italian banking techniques. A key development often credited to the London goldsmiths around this time was the adoption of fractional reserve banking6. By the middle of the 17th century, the civil war had resulted in the demise of the goldsmiths’ traditional business...

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