Evolution Of Land Animals. How Has Life Come To Be What It Is Now? Learn Darwin's View On Evolution. Learn About Various Animals And Proof Evolution Exists

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Evolution of Land AnimalsNo one knows for sure how life began, whether life came about by an invisible man in the sky, or by what Darwin (and scientists today) predicted, that life formed from a "hot little pool" of matter and slowly evolved over time into what we know as life today. According to evolution, all life or most of it, originated from a single gene. The evolution of land animals is still studied today, including elephants, giraffes, and horses. Which are giving us greater clues to how existence started. Let us first establish that all life on earth ? both animal and plant ? is constructed of exactly the same substance: DNA.. By DNA we mean the chromosomes that are found in all ...view middle of the document...

Lyell had the belief that the present geology of the earth was the result of a long and gradual evolution. His point was the small changes could cause huge geological upheavals, considering if it is given enough time. The age of the earth was thought to be only 6,000 years old, which would make the theory incorrect. Darwin figured the age of the earth was 300 million years old, we know now that the earth is 3.5 billion years old.When he went on his voyage around the world and came to the Galapagos Islands, he noticed that there were no great differences in the plant and animal life there. But Darwin was interested in the tiny differences. On the island he came across large tortoises that were slightly different from one island to another. Even more striking was that the finches on the island were clearly different from island to island, especially in the shape of the beak. Darwin figured these differences were due to the way the finches found food. The ground finches with steeply profiled beaks lived on pine cone seeds, the little warbler finches lived on insects, and the tree finches lived on termites extracted from bark. Each and every beak was perfectly adapted to the food intake. Could all these finches be descended from the same species? Had they adapted to there surroundings causing them to evolve? Darwin came to conclusion that yes, they had adapted to their surroundings, and finches did come from one common ancestor. There were also finds of large fossil bones from extinct animals. Darwin was puzzled to find traces of sea creatures far inland. Some believed that they had been thrown there by humans or animals. Others believed that God had created these fossils and traces of sea creatures to lead the ungodly astray. It was thought by some that fossils were imprints of animals that had failed to get in the Ark.But, there was one more factor to indicate that all the animals on earth might be related: The development of the embryo. All animal and human embryos are so identical it is hard to tell the difference. You cannot distinguish a human embryo from a dog embryo. Shouldn't this indicate that we are distant relatives?In many animals gene flow occurs. Gene flow is when new genes are introduced to populations. The Lake Erie water snake provides an excellent example. Some of these snakes that live on vegetation live close to the shore. They have gray bodies with black bands which helps them distract hungry seagulls by blending in with the environment. Island snakes are light gray and have no bands, which helps them blend in with their environment. Island snakes are light gray and have no band, which help them blend in with the rocks. Another example is the giraffe. Some scientists used to think that the long neck was their because the giraffes have always had to reach upwards. Darwin believed that the giraffe's long neck was the result of variation. He figured that random changes in heredity caused some giraffes necks to be small and some to...

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