Evolving Evolution Essay

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Bejarasco, Aubrey Jayl A. BS Biology IV

April 21,2012

Earth: only habitat that sustains LIFE, where number and variety of plants is astonishing. How can we make sense of such a huge range of living organism?

Holy bible, explain how this wonderful diversity came about as shown in the movie; how God created the Earth, how Adan came into life and how Eve was created from his ribs, as then God said to them: “go and multiply”. This was the Theory of Creation, but a hundreds of years later, a man was born to explain this astonishing diversity of life, which revolutionized the way everyone sees the world—Charles Darwin.

On 1931, HMS Beagle, set off to tour around the world, on board was Charles Darwin, in his 5years journey he was amaze by the diversity he was able to witnessed, that in 1 day he was able to collect 69 different kinds of ...view middle of the document...

In his notes Darwin sketched: how single ancestor species might give rise to several different ones and wrote a tentative “I think” (theory). For 22 years he continued accumulating mountain of evidence to defy his theory. June 1858, Darwin received a package from a naturalist- Alfred Russel Wallace, containing an essay that set out exactly the “same idea” as his own, evolution by natural selection. And it was November 24th 1859, the “Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection” was published, 1st edition, 1250 copies sold out immediately and predictably, caused an outrage in the whole civilized world is the idea that man was not made by God as stated in the book of Genesis but descend from an ape-like ancestor as Darwin’s theory implied that life had originated in simple forms and had been become more and more complex.

Major problems in Darwin’s theory: 1st, age of the earth (time) Key: Radioactive dating (Marie Curie) “4.6 billion years old earth”. 2nd, variation of species Key: Law of inheritance (Gregor Mendel) “A gene taken from one animal can function in another”. Mendel’s genetics reveal a fundamental truth that all life was related. From complex chemical molecules, to microscopic bacteria, to diverse group of algae, to hollowed ball that developed an internal body cavity as the first multicellular like sponges, and to further development of eyes, mouth, gut and so on which enables fishes, insects, amphibians, reptiles (dinosaurs-extinct), birds and mammals to exist and to survive. Thus, there’s no doubt about the close relation of humans with chimpanzees, as confirmed by only 3% difference in DNA composition.

Now, we understand why there’s so many different species, why are they distributed on the way they are around the world, and why their bodies and our bodies are shaped in the way that they are. Because we understand bacteria evolved and because we can disentangle the complex relationship between animals and plants in natural community.

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